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Wide Variation in score of Official GMAT prep Tests (Free tests, paid

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Joined: 30 Oct 2014
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Concentration: Leadership, International Business
Schools: ISB '17
WE: Engineering (Energy and Utilities)
Wide Variation in score of Official GMAT prep Tests (Free tests, paid  [#permalink]

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New post 23 Aug 2017, 22:11
I have the Mongoosh Subscription and have been using the account for GMAT prep for the past few months. I have practiced and revised consistently using the mongoosh account. In the last mock test I took on mongoosh the verbal score was V35.
Then I took the first two GMAT prep tests;-
Test 1: 670, V33
Test 2:- 700, V35
After the second test I felt confident that I was close to my target score of 700-710. Infact, I was trying to push for a verbal score of V36-V38.
I just wanted to make sure of my performance from more tests, so I purchased GMAT prep Pack 1 and 2.
To my surprise, my scores in verbal in these 4 tests have been very poor.
Pack 1, Test 1: V25
Pack 1,Test 2: V31
Pack 2, Test 1:- V26
Pack 2, Test 2: V8
I feel completely lost after taking the last 4 tests.

I have a few questions for official GMAT prep practice tests:-
1. Why is there so much of deviation between my score in mogoosh,Official GMAT prep (software) test 1,2 and the score in official tests of gmat prep in pack 1 and 2?
2. Has there been a change in computation of the percentile score by GMAC in the recent past?
3. Now the test allows us to choose the order in which we want to take test- quant, verbal, IR. Does the selection of order affect our score.
4. Could you analyse the above issue and tell me a possible strategy to address the issue. I have planned to take the GMAT on 10 september,2017 so I have another 15 days to address the issue.
A few more observations made while test taking:-
1. The no. of questions I could attempt properly was 32 no.s (got V25, V23, V31) , the rest I had to quickly tick and complete the test. In GMAT prep test 1 and 2, I attempted 34 questions properly and still got a V35.
2. I tried to change the order in which I was took the tests- From Verbal, quant, IR to IR,Quant, Verbal but found no significant change of score in Pack 1 of the paid GMAT prep tests.
3. My expected score in mongoosh subscription in V40!! After solving all the verbal questions but the score in all the GMAT prep tests are discouraging.
4. I do feel a bit of panic during the test specially in answering CR and RC under time limits. I have very good accuracy in CR and RC, but in the GMAT prep tests, my performance is very volatile.

PLEASE HELP. I WISH TO QUICKLY COURSE CORRECT AND GET TO A SCORE OF V35-36 by SEPTEMBER 10. I have achieved the score in 2 tests. So I feel I can do better.
My strategy is to reach Q49 or 50,V35 to reach 700. So i need a few days to prepare quants. But unless i can be sure of my verbal scores, I am unable to move over to quants. I understand that a small increase in verbal score can make a big change in the overall score.
Magoosh GMAT Instructor
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Joined: 28 Dec 2011
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Re: Wide Variation in score of Official GMAT prep Tests (Free tests, paid  [#permalink]

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New post 31 Aug 2017, 14:14
Dear sumitsinghnitr,

My friend, I'm happy to respond. :-)

First of all, I apologize for the delay. I assume that you read the warning at the top of this subheading that we don't guarantee prompt responses to posts here. I hope you also sent in a help request on Magoosh. You can reach them at

Also, my friend, one way to demonstrate respect for a person or a company is to get the correct spelling. This will be critically important when you are applying to jobs: make sure you do not misspell the name of any company to which you are applying. The correct spelling of our company is Magoosh.

My friend, I would hazard a guess that the tremendous deviation you are seeing is not necessarily something misaligned with the tests, but instead represents your variations. You see, students very naively think that a certain level of knowledge & strategy will always translate into a particular GMAT score or subscore. That's a highly simplistic view. You see, dozens of other factors influence how well you perform on the GMAT, including your stress level, how well you slept over the previous few nights, what kinds of food you have eaten, how well hydrated you are, your relative health, your emotional state, etc. etc. If all those things are varying from one test to the next, such variation could easily produce the kinds of variation you are seeing. Part of the lesson is you have to be more self-conscious and mindful about how everything else in your whole life affects you: write down as much detail as you can about your entire state of being before sitting for each practice GMAT.

Also, because you have experienced a disappointing drop in your score, I am going to recommend this blog:
Lower on the Real GMAT than on Practice Tests
Read that article and all the related articles. In addition to all the GMAT preparations you have going on, I want you to practice all those stress reduction skills assiduously between now and your GMAT. I want you to practice breathing & mindfulness as if you are in training to become a Tibetan monk! The panic you feel is by far your worst enemy. You have to do everything you can to manage that over the next few days, using the stress reduction skills I discussed in those blogs.

As a general rule, changing the order of sections doesn't change GMAT scores on average. Having said that, I would want to get the most challenging section over with first, so I could perform on the rest with fewer worries.

The fact that you performed well enough to get some of those high scores means that you have the knowledge & skill within you. This is not a matter of getting another cognitive strategy. You need to take deep responsibility for the physiological state of your body & mind & emotions, and you need to practice the stress reductions skills that lower stress and diminish panic. Right now, you need to practice those skills as if your life depended on them, because some important parts of your life will!

Does all this make sense?
Mike :-)
Mike McGarry
Magoosh Test Prep

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. — William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939)
GMAT Club Bot
Re: Wide Variation in score of Official GMAT prep Tests (Free tests, paid   [#permalink] 31 Aug 2017, 14:14
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Wide Variation in score of Official GMAT prep Tests (Free tests, paid

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