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Magoosh provides online test preparation with hundreds of video lessons and practice questions that cover every topic tested on the GMAT.  You can study anytime, anywhere on your laptop, smartphone, or iPad. Learn by watching short video tutorials that are tailored to you based on your performance.

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GMAT Course Review
May 09 | 2012
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     By rijul007 19 24
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This review is for: Magoosh Premium
Location: Online

The video lessons were very helpful. All the GMAT topics were covered wonderfully! Also the OG video solution for maths came in handy.
The practice questions helped me a lot in finding out my weak areas. At the end of each session, it also suggested me some video lessons that helped me improving specific areas.
Another thing that really impressed me was their prompt response to my queries, be it related to specific questions or GMAT as a whole.
Magoosh played a very important role in my GMAT preparation.
I would certainly recommend this course to everyone, not just GMAT, but also for GRE.

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GMAT Course Review
One of the best courses
January 27 | 2012
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     By Anonymous 182 20


This review is for: Magoosh Premium
Location: Online

I choose this course because I love studying via videos. Almost all the important lessons on Verbal and Math are covered in quick videos. It makes easy to learn while watching videos.

Apart from 150 videos on lessons there are more than 700 questions on Math and Verbal section making this course worth money and time.

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