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Rehashing Your Resume in B-School Essays

By - Jun 19, 02:38 AM   Comments [0]

Don’t rehash your resume in your essay; it’s as simple as that. But what does that mean? First and foremost, your resume should speak for itself, without any explanation. If it isn’t doing that, if there’s some crucial accomplishment missing, then we need to address that… in...

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The Element of Surprise in “What Sets You Apart?”

By - Jun 18, 06:50 AM   Comments [0]

A common theme in B-school applications (in almost any application, actually) is the “what sets you apart” question. With thousands of candidates to assess, it’s understandable that the adcom would ask, directly or indirectly, why you’re any different from Bob, Billy or Brad—what makes you unique?...

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Essay Analysis: Northwestern Kellogg School of Management 2018-19

By - Jun 14, 06:26 AM   Comments [0]

Kellogg’s keeping things the same this year, sticking with their two fairly straightforward written prompts and a video essay. THE video essay. You know, the one where you have 80 seconds to look impressive over Skype. Yeah, that video essay can be quite nerve-racking, but to make up for...

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I Heart New York

By - Jun 13, 01:43 AM   Comments [0]

New York B-schools are odd. They may not be at the top of the rankings (close!), the cost of living is enough to make an I-banker blanch (gross!), but they still receive a disproportionately high number of applicants. So, whether it’s CBS or NYU, in...

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Essay Analysis: NYU Stern School of Business 2018-19

By - Jun 12, 17:09 PM   Comments [0]

NYU Stern is back! This time with… the exact same prompts. This is actually quite exciting. We’re happy to see that Stern is doubling down on the fun “pick six” photo essay they introduced last year. Stern’s prompt is representative of a trend in non-writing prompts, which used...

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Essay Analysis: Wharton School of Business 2018-19

By - Jun 10, 23:38 PM   Comments [0]

Wharton’s back for 2018-19 with one old prompt and one new one! Essay #1 is the same but last year’s Essay #2 has been ditched for a two-part prompt that asks applicants to focus on a single achievement and explain why they should care. There’s nothing...

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Working for Yourself: Founders and the MBA Application

By - Jun 8, 15:19 PM   Comments [0]

It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of MBA applicants come from the corporate world. Want to change careers? MBA. Trying to move up the corporate ladder? MBA. Dreaming of starting your own company? Sure, why not. MBA. But what if you’re already there? With blood,...

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Cracking the “Why MBA Now?” Question

By - Jun 7, 09:26 AM   Comments [0]

Think of the “Why MBA now?” question as… a DARE. Imagine sitting across from an MBA admissions dean, while she reviews your resume and your case for wanting to attend School X. Now, imagine that she places the resume on the table, folds her arms, looks...

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Essay Analysis: Harvard Business School 2018-19

By - Jun 6, 09:36 AM   Comments [0]

This update is nothing new… and neither are Harvard Business School’s 2018-19 essay prompts. HBS was one of the first of the top schools to release their prompts this year, and the news is… pretty boring. The adcom is sticking with the same prompt as last year,...

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Essay Analysis: Yale School of Management 2018-19

By - Jun 5, 14:57 PM   Comments [0]

This weekend we got Yale School of Management’s 2018-19 essay topic and… drumroll… it’s exactly the same as last year’s! That may not be the most exciting choice on the adcom’s part, but we’re delighted because this essay is a lot of fun. SOM’s application forces applicants...

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