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Three Unique Advantages of Being a Chinese Applicant

By - Jun 10, 07:20 AM   Comments [0]

As a Chinese applicant to American universities, you’ve no doubt heard all about the many challenges you’ll face in the admissions process. You are also probably all too familiar with the many pitfalls you need to avoid: cookie-cutter applications, perfect test scores with no outside...

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Columbia (CBS) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Jun 5, 06:10 AM   Comments [0]

Coming in second in our essay analysis series, Columbia Business School recently announced their deadlines and new topics for two of their three essays. The CBS adcom has always been focused on the traditional MBA applicant themes: career goals, why our school, etc. In prior years,...

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Harvard (HBS) Essay Analysis 2019-2020

By - Jun 3, 05:26 AM   Comments [0]

Harvard Business School kicked off the 2019-20 application season with their essay topic release this month, which means it’s time for us to kick off our annual essay analysis series. In these posts, we’ll give in-depth advice on how to write a compelling response to each...

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Convincing the Adcom of Your Post-MBA Plans

By - May 31, 00:39 AM   Comments [0]

Every MBA application season seems to have its trending buzzwords. A couple of years ago every other applicant we worked with at Admissionado wanted to become an entrepreneur. This past year, “technology management” seemed to be the skill that everyone applying to MBA programs was...

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How to Make Your MBA Letters of Recommendation Glowing HOT!

By - May 29, 08:57 AM   Comments [0]

The letters of recommendation…that one component of the MBA application that probably seems the most out of your control, the most mysterious, and the most likely to be a crapshoot. Sure, all this is true about letters or rec far too often. But the thing...

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Gendered Writing: How Women can “Lean in” to Their B-school Apps

By - May 27, 07:31 AM   Comments [0]

With the percentage of female applicants to graduate business programs on the rise year over year—women made up 42% of applicants in 2017, compared with 37% in 2013—perhaps the future really is female. There are any number of reasons for this uptick: business education has...

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Leadership is a Buzzword. Here’s How to Use it Well.

By - May 24, 02:45 AM   Comments [0]

It’s no secret that MBAs are looking to produce the world’s next generation of leaders. And that explains why the idea of “leadership” forms a big part of nearly every application essay prompt. But what does it actually mean to be a leader? The term...

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LGBTQ & MBA: How to Work Your Sexual Orientation into Your MBA Applications.

By - May 22, 02:27 AM   Comments [0]

In recent years, an increasing number of top MBA programs have begun giving applicants the option to disclose their sexual orientation in their application. But for those programs that don’t explicitly give this option, and even for those that do (checking a box isn’t really...

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Where Billionaires Went to School

By - May 21, 11:42 AM   Comments [0]

Billionaires—love them, hate them, or love to hate them—run our world. The top one percent controls 45% of all wealth according to Credit Suisse, a number which doesn’t even try to take into account the $32 trillion hidden in tax havens (about half of planetary...

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Younger, Older, Just Right: The Widening Age Range of MBA Students

By - May 17, 07:01 AM   Comments [0]

Last season, we encountered a novel problem with one of our deferred admissions program clients. The young man had written about his desire to attend networking events on campus, and we encouraged him to get more specific. We suggested a happy hour series in his...

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