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Mock Interviews with InterviewBay, Walker’s guide to Slide Presentation, Should I take a class to help my poor GPA?

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MBA Mock Interviews with InterviewBay - Prepare for your final interview by taking a mock interview with your target B-school's alumnus or a current student (HBS, MIT, Kellogg, Booth, Wharton, and others). You will also get detailed verbal and written feedback. Guide to Slide Presentations - Learn how...

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Coordinate Geometry, ‘Distance/Speed/Time’ Word Problems Made Easy, Remainders – a compilation of tips and tricks, ‘Work’ Word Problems Made Easy, Less Than Vs Lower Than – Sentence Correction, GMAT Club’s Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide, 780 (Q50, V48) debrief

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GMAT Math: Coordinate Geometry - Comprehensive Overview Math: Distance/Speed/Time Word Problems Math: Remainders - Tips and Tricks Math: "Work" Word Problems Made Easy Verbal: Less Than vs Lower Than - Sentence Correction Practice Verbal: Reading Comprehension - Tips, Strategies and Books GMATClub: 780 Debrief - What did he do to get this score?

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Business School Knowledge Vault, Business School Application Process

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B-School Knowledge Vault - moderators manage all threads to bring you the most useful discussion links. Application Process: what stage are you at? - what is your happiness level?

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GMAT Math Book, Probability, Polygons, Series and Sequences, Word Problems, GMAT Test Center Environment, GMAT “Question of the Day” Automatic Email

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Math: Math Book - GMAT Club Open Project lead by Walker and Bunuel with many helpful posts - Math: Probability - everything you need to know for GMAT - Math: Polygons - know which polygons will be on GMAT - Math: Guide to Series & Sequences (arithmetic and geometric) - Math: Word Problems Made Easy! GMAT Test...

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Venting thread, London Business School Interview Debrief, Inequality and Absolute value questions, and Nink’s Guide to Career in Venture Capital

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MBA Venting thread– share your frustrations about MBA Application process London Business School Interview Debrief Inequality and absolute value questions Nink’s Guide to Career in Venture Capital

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Open Access to GMATClub Test this Friday, GMAT Error Log Template, Everthing about Triangles, 710 Long Debrief, Best GMAT Books and GMAT-level fiction books

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Thanksgiving Time – Open Access to GMAT Club Tests this Friday 11/27 (12-12 Pacific Time) We’re starting a new tradition of opening up tests for holidays. (What could be more fun than solving extra hard GMAT questions while on vacation?). Thought so. GMAT GMAT Error Log template -...

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