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Precision Essay LIVE Mock Interview with Jon Frank

By - Aug 3, 07:43 AM   Comments [1]

When it comes to MBA admissions, the application is only half of the battle. Once you submit that sucker, wash your hands of it and move on to everything you’ve been neglecting in your life for the past 2 months (like your laundry…), you’ve still...

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Save $300 on Precision Essay’s Ding Analysis

By - Jul 20, 09:13 AM   Comments [0]

So, you got dinged, eh? Frustrating, yes. But you’re not alone. Not everyone gets into their dream MBA program—not their first time out anyway. If it were that easy, HBS would have at least 9,000 members in its incoming class, not 900. ...

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10-20% off Precision Essay Services for Our Friends in Asia

By - Jul 18, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

I know I’m not alone in wondering how July 18th has snuck up on us so quickly. It seems like only yesterday we were digging ourselves out from under 4 feet of snow, and now the summer is nearly halfway over…. …and application deadlines for 2012...

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