MBA Admissions

MBA Admissions

Are you in need of some tips and pointers before you start the long and grueling process of filling out your business school applications? Do you want access to an up to date master list of the most current year’s acceptances/rejections to each MBA school?

Do you want to know how you measure up to the other students who got accepted into other B-Schools? Not sure what to expect in the interview process?

Well look no further…The GMAT Club is an exclusive online community that gives you access to everything involving business schools, their procedures, and their processes.

Get the latest tips from other students who have already gone through the entire application process. You’ll get advice on how many schools you should apply to and in which order you should apply.

You’ll also gain insight into the comparison of the acceptance and denial stats of the various MBA schools. Also accessible is each student’s complete profile with a listing of which schools they’ve applied to, how many schools received their applications, and the results.

If your interviewing skills aren’t up to par then our forum is the best place to brush up on your skills and wow the interviewer. Here is where you really need to shine and leave a lasting impression of yourself. We’ll show you how.

So you took the advice and aced the interview and now you’ve been placed on the waitlist. Now what do you do? It’s not the end of the world…calm down! We’ve got all of the answers on how to handle the situation and what to do in the meantime.

Visit the GMAT Club’s Forums today where you’ll get all of the up to date information you’ll need to guide you through the MBA process. It’s free to join and the success of your career starts here!