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HEC Paris MBA: Excellence, Diversity, and Community [Episode 302]

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Interview with Dr. Andrea Masini, Associate Dean at the HEC Paris MBA Program [Show Summary] HEC Paris’s MBA program has a class that is comprised of 90+% international students. If you are interested in an MBA with a strong focus on diversity, the HEC Paris program...

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Toronto Rotman MBA: The Spike Factor [Episode 299]

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Interview with Imran Kanga, Director of Recruitment and Admissions at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management [Show Summary] Toronto Rotman wants to see a “spike factor” in its applicants. What is a spike factor? What’s Toronto Rotman’s spike factor(s)? How can you show a...

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Last Chance to Register: Get Accepted to INSEAD!

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Attention applicants: time is running out to register for our upcoming webinar, Get Accepted to INSEAD! This is your chance to get expert admissions guidance – all for free. Accepted’s founder, Linda Abraham, will share strategies you can put straight to work in your application, and...

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INSEAD MBA Criterion #2: International Motivation

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This is the second post in a 4-part series that examines INSEAD MBA’s 4 admission criteria.  Sure, international experience is a big plus for an INSEAD applicant. But the website says that they seek candidates with international motivation which, in their eyes, means having “perceptive insights...

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Early Career Management and European MBA Programs with Jamie Wright [Episode 249]

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Our guest today is Jamie Wright. She grew up in California, started her career in PR in Chicago, and then crossed the pond in 2009 to become the Client Services Manager at London Business School’s then brand-new Masters in Management (MIM) program. Jamie rose to...

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INSEAD MBA Criterion #1: Ability To Contribute

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This is the first post in a 4-part series that examines INSEAD MBA’s 4 admission criteria. The adcom gives, as its first admission criterion, “ability to contribute.” I take the liberty to add: ability to contribute as a person of quality and substance. All the criteria...

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NUS MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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National University of Singapore offers a 17-month MBA program offering specializations in 4 distinct areas (Finance, Marketing, Healthcare Management, or Strategy & Organization). If you are looking for an Asian-focused program with strong placement in the Consulting (21%), Finance (23%), or Technology (29%) industries in...

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Bloomberg Businessweek Announces the Best International Business Schools of 2016

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MBA seekers frequently go abroad in search of the best MBA programs. Having an international MBA often gives a head start to those seeking jobs in the global business world. However, determining which is the right MBA for you outside your home country can be...

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Forbes Top 10 International MBA Programs

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Top 1-Year International MBA Programs: Top 2-Year International MBA Programs: 1. London Business School – London, UK 2. IESE – Barcelona, Spain 3. HEC Paris – Paris, France 4. CEIBS – Shanghai, China 5. Hong Kong UST – Hong Kong, China 6. Manchester – Manchester, UK 7. NUS Business School – Singapore 8. IPADE –...

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The Global Business Experience at London Business School

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From The Staff of MBA MBA Proudly, one of the most affordable MBA admissions consulting companies. Visit MBA for our current discounts! Email:   The Global Business Experience at London Business School 2012 marked the first two Global Business Experience (GBE) trips for second-year MBA students at...

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