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MBA Interview Must-Know #2: You

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You. You are the first topic you need to know. After all, the interview will be about you. What do you want to do after your MBA? Why do you want to attend this program? When have you demonstrated the qualities this school appreciates, the...

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Toronto Rotman MBA Admissions Committee Interview Available Online

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Thank you to Niki da Silva, Director of Recruitment and Admissions, and Leigh Gauthier, Director of the Career Center at Rotman, for joining us for our first ever Toronto Rotman Q&A! The chat offered MBA applicants an excellent window into the Rotman admissions process –...

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Three keys to successful interview preparation

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In honor of the first birthday of MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, by Linda Abraham and Judy Gruen, we are posting a series of excerpts from the book throughout November. This post is excerpted from Chapter 9,...

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Ace Those MBA Interviews with These Helpful Resources

By - Nov 30, 03:38 AM   Comments [0]

Those MBA interview invites should start trickling in soon (if they haven’t already). Are you prepared? offers a wealth of top-notch interview resources on our MBA Interview 101 page. The ebooks, articles, and webinars found on this rich resource page will help you feel more...

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Michigan Ross MBA Admissions Committee Interview Available Online

By - Nov 26, 03:17 AM   Comments [0]

Thank you to Jon Fuller, Senior Associate Director Admissions, and Diana Economy, Associate Director of Admissions at Michigan Ross for an outstanding Q&A! In the following excerpt you’ll read about Ross’s strengths and what distinguishes Ross from other top MBA programs: Linda Abraham: "How is Ross'...

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Specify a Learning Agenda in Your MBA Application

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This post originally appeared on Stacy’s “Strictly Business” MBA blog on "So, you want to go to business school. What exactly do you want to learn?" It sounds like a simple question, but MBA applicants often struggle with it. College interviewers might have asked about...

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Cornell MBA Admissions Committee Gives MBA Interview Advice

By - Nov 15, 15:10 PM   Comments [0]

We had an excellent Q&A last week with admissions members from Cornell Johnson. We hope you enjoyed it! In the following excerpt, Cornell adcom members, Christine Sneva, Ann Richards, and Eddie Asby talk about their interview pet peeves. Read on for valuable advice about what...

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Thinking about Harvard’s MBA Interview Reflections

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I've been thinking about Harvard's new interview reflections: And just as you frequently do when you replay an interview in your mind after you walk out of the cubicle, I had a few more thoughts when I replayed the video: Several times I mention that you will...

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Business School Interview Guide for MBA Applicants

By - Feb 27, 07:46 AM   Comments [0]

Why the Interview? Many admissions experts believe the interview to be one of the most critical components of the MBA application process. It is an opportunity for the admissions team to get to know the real you, evaluate your fit into the program, and of course...

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