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e-GMAT Verbal diagnostic

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Think you are ready to tackle GMAT Verbal. Register to take the e-GMAT SC, CR and RC diagnostic test free of charge to evaluate your performance against the best out there. Here is what the diagnostic tests contain: SC diagnostic: 15 questions with audio visual solutions RC...

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GMAT Prep Tests, CR Questions, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, Idioms, Share your GMAT experience

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Free GMAT Prep Tests - a list of sites that offer free tests Collection of 100 CR questions from GMAT Prep - all Critical Reasoning questions (with explanations) from GMAT Prep by Whiplash Critical Reasoning Guide Sentence Correction Guide Think you are ready for the SC? Try the Idioms...

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GMAT Paper Tests, Data Sufficiency Questions, Geometry Forumlas, CR Guide, Share your GMAT experience

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GMAT Paper Tests - you can purchase them from GMAC Data Sufficiency Questions - 700+ level with explanations Geometry Formulas - practice sheet CR Guide - a comprehensive guide with examples My GMAT Preparation Plan - share your GMAT experience 630 to 770 (Q49, V47) - share your GMAT...

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Attacking Bolded Statement Questions in Critical Reasoning

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Most Critical Reasoning questions hinge on assumptions. Most of those that do not hinge on assumptions, hinge on an understanding of the logic of the author’s argument. However, one type of Critical Reasoning question is significantly different in form, and thus requires a...

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Critical Reasoning: “On Its Own Terms.”

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Many GMAT preppers run into problems on Critical Reasoning questions because they settle for too broad of an understanding of the conclusion. Here are a few examples that show why we need to assess GMAT arguments on their own terms in order to get...

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