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Highlights from the Bloomberg Job Skills Report 2016

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What are job recruiters looking for in their MBA hires? What skills are they looking for? What skills are hardest to find? 1,251 job recruiters at 547 companies were surveyed for the 2016 Bloomberg Job Skills Report about the skills they seek in job candidates...

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Infosys to Hire 200 New MBAs

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According to an article in The Economic Times, Infosys hasn’t hired MBA talent for four years now, but currently plans on changing that by hiring at least 200 MBAs from top b-schools around the world, in an effort to beef up its business consulting practice....

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2014 Hiring Outlook Looking Good

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The most recent GMAC press release shared new data from the company’s Year-End Poll of Employers, including the following highlights: • 72% of employers polled plan to hire b-school graduates, up slightly from this past year’s 71%. • 87% plan on hiring direct-from-industry hires in 2014, up...

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MBA Hiring 2013 Looking Up – Specialized Master’s on Fire!

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According to a GMAC press release, employers are expressing early optimism for 2013 MBA hiring. Here are some of the key findings of the GMAC’s 2012 Year-End Poll of Employers, which includes responses from over 200 employers who hire students from graduate business programs: 76% of...

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MBA News Round Up

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The Job Market: Forbes' "It’s A Good Time to Go To A B-Level B-School" reports that in today’s economy, job opportunities may be fewer and farther between for Wharton and Harvard graduates than for graduates of second tier MBA programs. Deanne Fuehne, director of the career...

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HBS MBA ’09 Employment Update

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So is it a good time to go for an MBA or not? Can you ride out the recession in business school? Will you end up with total loans approaching the national debt and then graduate without a job? These are the kinds of questions I...

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Advice for college seniors, MBA hiring during a recession – GMAT Club forum

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Advice for college seniors intending to apply to a Business School is in this thread of GMAT Club forum. Historical data of MBA hiring during a recession along with GMAT Clubbers comments are available here. Regards, GMAT Club team

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