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All About the IELTS [Episode 319]

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Interview with Ben Worthington, Creator of IELTSPodcast [Show Summary] Ben Worthington is an IELTS master, and he talks in great detail about the various sections of the test and how to prepare for them, as well as what to do if you can’t seem to break...

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10 Tips and Tricks for Acing the IELTS

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The path to passing the IELTS is not a straight line, nor a short walk. You can think of it more as a long hike, challenging but rewarding. Now, if you go on a long hike, you’ll need to pack a bag of supplies. In the...

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PTE Academic

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TOEFL watch out. And IELTS pay attention. A new English language test, Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), will come to a secure testing center near you in October of 2009. This test was developed in collaboration with the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and...

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