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Indian School of Business 2014 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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The Indian School of Business has become one of the strongest graduate business programs in Asia. While it dropped from 20th to 34th in this year’s Financial Times’ Global MBA rankings – making it only the fifth best MBA program in Asia – 100% of...

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New Special Report for Indian MBA Applicants

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Indian applicants – this one’s for you! Our newest special report, Against the Odds: MBA Admissions for Indian Applicants, is geared towards Indian applicants who are looking to differentiate themselves from the large (and always growing) pool of Indian b-school applicants. The report is loaded with specific,...

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2014 ISB Adcom Interview on Career Switching Available!

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Are you considering applying to the Indian School of Business AND switching careers post-MBA? Then you’ll want to read the following excerpt from our recent Q&A with Mr. V. K. Menon, Senior Director of Placements at ISB, as he discusses important information for career switchers...

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2014 ISB Adcom Interview Available!

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Thinking about applying to the Indian School of Business? Then check out our recent Q&A with Mr. V. K. Menon, Senior Director of Placements at ISB for valuable information on career prospects for ISB grads post-MBA. Read on for an excerpt: Question: Can you explain how well...

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Indian School of Business MBA Admissions Committee Interview Available Online

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Did you miss our recent ISB MBA Q&A? No problem! Read the excerpt below on the Indian job market for ISB MBAs and then check out the full transcript for more details. Thank you VK Menon, Senior Director of Placements at the Indian School of...

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Odds of Meeting Your Spouse at MBA, Indian B-Schools and Indian Candidates, B-School Roommates B-School Roommates, Scholarship Request, Best Route to Investment Banking, Recruiting Yale MBA Recruiting Yale MBA

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MBA Odds of Meeting your Spouse at B-School - which school has high stats in terms of tying the knot? B-School Roommates - is finding one a good idea? And, where do you look? Indian B-Schools and Indian Candidates - all information consolidated in one place Scholarship Request -...

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