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Applying to B-School? There Are 7 Key Steps to Getting Accepted

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Pursuing an advanced degree is a major decision. It has the potential to alter the course of your life. Why then, do so many MBA applicants wait until the last minute to put together their applications?  An MBA is an investment in your future, and just...

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All Your Questions About MIT Sloan – Answered!

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Are you suffering from b-school information overload? Have you found resources that are helpful, or is all of that random material out there just stressing you out? What if you could immediately get your individual questions answered authoritatively – by Dawna Levinson, Assistant Dean of...

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MBA Applicants: How to Get Accepted in 2019-20

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It’s time for my annual harangue/plea/rant. If you are planning to apply Round 1 in the fall, but have not yet thought about why you want an MBA, taken the GMAT/GRE, researched schools, or evaluated your qualifications, please please please keep reading. And then get started! I...

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Innovative Education in NYC: All About Cornell Tech [Episode 289]

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Interview with Cornell Tech's Dean Matthew D'Amore and Admissions Director Dr. Raymond Lutzky [Show Summary] The Cornell Tech campus and programs on Roosevelt Island in New York City have INNOVATIVE stamped on them. Hear from Dean Matt D’Amore and Admissions Director Dr. Ray Lutzky about the inception of...

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What’s New at INSEAD? [Episode 285]

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What’s New at INSEAD? [Show Summary] No school exemplifies the trend global business quite as much as INSEAD, which was founded in France, but has campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East as well as partnerships with Wharton in the U.S., Tsinghua in China, and...

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Welcome to the Accepted Family, Dr. Shirley Chan!

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The team at Accepted is pleased to welcome Dr. Shirley Chan as a new consultant. Dr. Chan has a Masters of Education and a Doctor of Education from the University of Southern California. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of...

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How Do You Deal with Criticism? MBA Admissions Committees Want to Know

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Many MBA essays ask you to write about a time you were given criticism and how you dealt with it. This may not be the kind of question you wished they had asked, but it is one that provides an excellent opportunity to show the...

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Stand Out or Fit In? 4 Application Strategies to Help You Do Both

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It can be confusing: Half of the advice you read urges you to stand out in your application, while the other half advises you to explain how you’ll fit in. So which is it? Should you stand out or fit in? The answer, unsurprisingly, is BOTH....

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Low Stats? You Need This Info!

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It’s natural that one’s GPA and GMAT are often anxiety-provoking aspects of the b-school application process – we get that. We also know that a lot of applicants worry about some aspect of their profile, especially if they’re dealing with low stats. That’s why we’ve created...

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MBA Admissions Advice for Career Changers

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As an IT consultant, how do you know equity research is the right career for you? How do you know you can handle the hours, the more Darwinian industry and company culture, the stress of having a pivotal impact on huge investment decisions? If you are...

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