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Making Connections that Matter in Your MBA Essays

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In honor of the first birthday of MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, by Linda Abraham and Judy Gruen, we are posting a series of excerpts from the book throughout November. This post is excerpted from Chapter 5:...

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Consortium 2013 MBA Application Questions, Deadlines, Tips

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Applying to the Consortium will save you time when it comes to applying to individual MBA programs—but that’s not to say you’re not going to have to put in the time to get this application exactly right. The Consortium application essays require that you prove...

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4 Good Excuses for Frequent Job Switchers

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You’ve got great stats and strong skills. Any top business school would be thrilled to have you join its next class…almost. There’s one obstacle standing in your way: your MBA resume. The problem is that you are victim to what can be referred to as Frequent...

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Fatal Flaw #5: Muddled Thinking

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I am not sure why I made muddled thinking the last flaw. Good writing starts with good thinking and ends with lots of editing, but editing is a topic for another series. Let’s stick with thinking in this tip. One of the biggest causes of...

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2013 Duke MBA—Cross-Continent Program Application Essays and Tips

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The current Duke MBA – Cross Continent Program essay questions cover broad ground potentially, although there are just two required. They give you leeway to identify and describe the experiences, skills, and other factors that will most advantageously represent your candidacy. Moreover, the fact that...

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MBA Admissions: Creativity Lessons from Pogue’s Wedding Proposal

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You may be familiar with David Pogue, who writes articles for The New York Times about technology (and writes dozens of books about technology, and hosts many television programs about technology, and so on). Recently he proposed to his fiancée in a most unusual way:...

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MBA Admissions Tips Exclusively for Techies

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MBA applicants with technical backgrounds have the distinct challenge of distinguishing themselves from a large, overcrowded, highly qualified pool of applicants. You probably have solid work experience, impressive skills, and high test scores – but so do the other thousands of techies vying for the...

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UVA Darden 2013 MBA Application Question, Deadlines, Tips

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UVA Darden prides itself on producing successful, ethical, community-focused, leadership-driven MBAs. If you want a spot in next year's Darden class, you'll need to prove that you have the skills and the drive to commit to this top b-schools ideals and goals. Exhibit your skills...

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SBC Scoop: Re-application, Re-recommendations

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*Please note that no client details are ever shared in SBC Scoop or otherwise without complete sign off from client. Guillaume thought he was on-target for MBA admission the first time around. He had very competitive GMAT scores and found a pair of schools that he...

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