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Why do you need your MBA, your unique path to a business school – GMAT Club forum

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Why do you really want your MBA degree? Read honest answers to the question in our forum. Every MBA has a unique way to the Business School of his/her choice. Read the stories of GMAT Clubbers who got into Schools of their dreams. Regards, GMAT Club team

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“Non-traditional” MBA grads, low Kaplan GMAT simulation test score – GMAT Club forum

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Not all MBAs are i-bankers or consultants. Some MBA grads follow a different career path. Read more. Poor performance on Kaplan GMAT simulation tests shouldn't let you down. More info in our forum. Good luck with your interviews, GMAT Club team

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“Non-traditional” business school applicants, choosing a business school that fits your needs – GMAT Club forum

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All "non-traditional" Business School applicants are welcome to this thread. People with similar background share their stories here. Higher ranked business schools versus schools with focused programs. What is your take? Read this thread for our members' thoughts. Regards, GMAT Club team

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Replies to your thank you notes, internationals applying for a job in the US – GMAT Club forum

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Do you get replies to your thank you notes after interviews? It's not a bad sign if you don't. Read more. International MBAs applying for a job in the US will find this thread interesting. What companies will likely recruit an international? What are the reasons...

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MBA career and family, the true value of your MBA – GMAT Club forum

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Today's interesting threads include the following: Do you think your post-MBA career will have a negative effect on you family? Read others' thoughts on the issue in a newly revived thread in our forum. What is the value of your potential MBA? Many members found this thread...

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Drinking and business school, 500-600 GMAT score applicants

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Today's interesting threads: Ultra elite business schools accept applicants with 500-600 GMAT score sometimes. What the rest of profile must be for a candidate like this? Read more from our forum. Different aspects of drinking in business school are heavily discussed. Drinking and B-School.

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