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Would You Benefit From a Mock Wharton Team-Based Discussion?

By - Nov 3, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

“Chance favors the prepared mind,” said Louis Pasteur, and I agree. A successful Wharton Team-Based Interview is all about the team’s success and your contribution to the team. It’s not about strutting your stuff or dominating the conversation. It’s also not about being a wallflower or...

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Preparing for Your MBA Interview Questions

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You’ve scored your MBA interview invitation. Now what? Practice, practice, practice! You do not want to wing this; the more prep you do before the big day, the more confident you’ll be and the more smooth and seamless your answers will be. You’ll be asked lots...

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The Art of Interviewing—Are You a “Can” or a “Cannot”?

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“I am doomed… This is a disaster… I really never expected this… What am I going to do?” This from Daniel, a prospective PhD student. I couldn’t imagine what had happened to cause such a negative response, especially as Daniel is a very strong candidate with...

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Everything You Need to Know About Preparing for Your MBA Interview

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Congratulations on receiving your MBA interview invite – you should feel great about making it this far in the admissions process! Just when you thought it was time to sit back and relax, it’s now time to tackle your next challenge: preparing for your interview. There...

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MBA Interview Formats: Video Essays

By - Feb 26, 07:00 AM   Comments [0]

This post is part of a series exploring the different forms MBA interviews take and how you can ace them all!  Kellogg and Rotman among many others have included required video essays in their applications. Why adcoms use this method: • It allows the adcom to see the...

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MBA Admissions Interview: Walk Me Through Your Resume

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You’ve made it to the interview stage of the MBA admissions process. Now what? How can you prep for the your interview so that you enter the scene prepared, confident, and ready to answer those questions? This video will get your started: Video transcript: Congratulations! You’ve been...

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