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NYU Stern MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines [2020-2021]

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In addition to its traditional two-year, full-time MBA, NYU Stern offers a menu of options in graduate management education including a one-year Tech MBA and a one-year Fashion and Luxury Goods MBA. NYU Stern’s essay questions and deadlines are the same as they were last year. Stern...

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Wake Up to Your Amazing Career Possibilities [Episode 354]

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Woken awakes you to meaningful career opportunities [Show summary] Are you wondering what your career path should be? How to create it? Our guest today is an NYU Stern MBA and associate-certified coach who is also providing assistance with career services at Columbia Business School. In addition,...

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New York University’s Stern MBA is Now STEM OPT Eligible

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NYU’s Stern School of Business full-time MBA program is now a STEM-OPT-certified program, making graduates eligible for up to 36 months of STEM OPT work experience in the U.S. after graduation while remaining on their F1 student visas. New York University’s Stern MBA is Now STEM...

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NYU Stern: An Insider’s Perspective on Getting Accepted [Episode 340]

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Interview with Rabia Ahmed, Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Admissions at NYU Stern School of Business [Show Summary] NYU Stern is always on the cutting edge, and their new Change: Studio branding reflects that. Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Admissions, Rabia Ahmed, shares details of...

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NYU Stern Applicants: Real-Life Experience DOES Matter

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Getting quality higher education just got easier, or at least it has for some applicants. The New York University Stern School of Business announced this week that it will now be accepting the GMAC Executive Assessment to fulfill the standardized test requirement section of the application form for business...

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NYU Stern MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Per Accepted’s MBA Selectivity Index, NYU Sterns is the fifteenth most difficult program in US News rankings to gain acceptance to. For students in the class that entered in 2018, the full-time MBA program boasts an average GMAT score of 716, an average GPA of 3.45, and...

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NYU Stern’s New Online Masters in Quantitative Management [Episode 306]

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Merging two hot new programs — analytics and management — as well as online delivery so that you don’t need to leave the workforce, NYU Stern has created a new exciting entry in the master’s in management and data analytics space. Let’s learn about it...

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NYU Stern Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Reflecting the character of the university at large, NYU Stern has always sought applicants who bring not just requisite accomplishment, but also intellectual energy and engagement with the world – people who have a point of view and are willing to express it. Stern’s EMBA...

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NYU Stern MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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NYU Stern’s application this year, as opposed to last, reflects evolution more than revolution. Last year Stern made significant changes to its application and added two focused MBA programs to its MBA portfolio. This year the changes are less significant. Let’s explore them: 1. Added back its...

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From the Mouths of MBA Adcom Members

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Looking for the best possible admissions advice? How about admissions advice from the admission committee members themselves? Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted and host of the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast has a collection of highly enlightening interviews with directors of admissions and adcom members of top business...

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