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SBC Scoop: Re-application, Re-recommendations

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*Please note that no client details are ever shared in SBC Scoop or otherwise without complete sign off from client. Guillaume thought he was on-target for MBA admission the first time around. He had very competitive GMAT scores and found a pair of schools that he...

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Recommendation Letters Tips

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Most business schools require two or three letters of recommendation as part of the admissions process. In most cases, the schools request that the recommender send the recommendation online, through the school's application system. The recommendations are among the most significant components of your application....

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How to Cultivate Excellent Rec Writers

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What are some important steps to take that can help you secure better recommendations once it is time for you to submit your MBA applications? First, bear in mind what you need the recommendations to say – that you are a great performer and you have...

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Prep Early for Recommendations: A High-Impact Action for Admissions

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Many candidates fail to recognize that their recommendations are as influential in determining their admissions success or failure as their MBA admission essays. You can have a fantastic candidacy and application in every other way (application form, GMAT score, GPA, essays, resume, work experience...

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CPA, Recommendations, Mistakes in MBA Application

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CPA for Someone with MST - get answers from a CPA within Big 4 Tax Ideas for Sanity - how do applicants maintain it Gifts for Recommenders under $25 Finding Mistakes in Applications AFTER Submission - OUCH!

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MBA Application Webinar, Recommendations, Quit your Job to Pursue an MBA, You Tube Videos, Columbia’s Guide to Networking, Business School Guides, MBA Tours and Fairs, MAcc, Recruiting, R2 Chat, Darden,

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Free MBA Application Webinar - how to create an outstanding MBA application Recommendations - what if your recommender isn't a good writer? Quit your Job to Pursue an MBA - how much money did you leave behind? Inspiring You Tube Videos – Updated Weekly - Inside the HBS...

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International B-Schools, Strategy for Leadership in MBA, Recommendations, Big 4 Audit/Tax, Destination Business School Kaplan Experience, “Follow” Feature on GMAT Club

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- True Value of MBA - calculator by an  Investment manager (1, 2, and 3 stage NPV models included) - International BSchools - ranks & clusterings - Strategy for Leadership in MBA - by Linda Abraham - Recommendations - a guide for the rest of us - Big 4 Audit/Tax - how to get in? - "Follow" Feature on GMAT Club - - join the network It...

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A Shrewd Undergraduate’s Guide to HBS Admissions, Asking Your Boss to Write Multiple Recommendations?, Sterny’s Guide to the Application Process, Which Schools have Grade Non-Disclosure

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MBA Guide to HBS Admissions - tips from the founder of Multiple Recommendations from the Same Boss? - how many is too much Sterny's Guide to the Application Process - lessons learned, nuances, mistakes and feedback Which Schools have Grade Non-Disclosure? - see the list and hear why

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What not to do during a class visit…, Auditing vs. Taxation, Stupidest thing you/interviewer have said in an interview, Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories, Asking your Employer for a Recommendation?

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MBA What Not to do During a Class Visit - rule #1...Do Not Participate Auditing vs Taxation - do you need a Masters in Taxation or will a MACC suffice? Stupidest Thing You/Interviewer have said in an Interview - tell your story Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories - share...

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Very good recommendations, do adcoms read forums? – GMAT Club

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Is it OK to have very good recommendations? Read more. Do adcoms read forums? What is the probability of adcom X finding you posts in forum Y? Read more.

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