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MBA Internship Recruiting Starts NOW

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Long gone are the days when b-school students could arrive relaxed on campus in September, spend the first few months acclimating to students life and thinking about what they wanted to do in the future, and then finally applying for internships in January. Now, students barely...

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MBA Job Market Shows Signs of Stabilization

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Today's MBA graduates have entered a job market that looks several shades brighter than when they entered business school just two years ago.The latest research by the MBA Career Services Council shows a majority of schools reported an increase in on-campus activity for full-time positions...

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MBA Recruiting Expected to Pick Up in 2011

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An optimistic article in the International Business Times, "2011 is going to be a strong year for MBA recruiting," discusses the hopeful future of the MBA job market in the coming year. "The economy may not have come out of the downturn entirely," says Rebecca Joffrey,...

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MBA Application Webinar, Recommendations, Quit your Job to Pursue an MBA, You Tube Videos, Columbia’s Guide to Networking, Business School Guides, MBA Tours and Fairs, MAcc, Recruiting, R2 Chat, Darden,

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Free MBA Application Webinar - how to create an outstanding MBA application Recommendations - what if your recommender isn't a good writer? Quit your Job to Pursue an MBA - how much money did you leave behind? Inspiring You Tube Videos – Updated Weekly - Inside the HBS...

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What car are you driving through your debt- building MBA years?, Industry Job or Consulting – which one is better?, Impact of BooZ – A.T.Kearney Merger on Recruiting, Recommenders – who should you ask?, IB in the US – how many days off per year on average

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- Impact of BooZ - A.T.Kearney Merger on Recruiting - Recommenders - who should you ask? - IB in the US - how many days off per year on average? - What car are you driving through your debt-building MBA years?

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GMAC Releases Results from 2010 Corporate Recruiters Survey

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The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) surveyed 2,367 employers about their experiences in recruiting and hiring business school graduates from top b-schools around the world. The goal of this annual survey is three-fold: to examine current employment conditions, to assess hiring trends and the market...

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Another Week, Another College and B-School Round Up!

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* Round 3 MBA Special: Save $100 on all orders over $1,000 placed by February 22, 2010. Can be used for MBA essay editing, waitlist letters, and mock interviews. Use coupon code R3100. * In the State of the Union address, President Obama urged colleges to...

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Weight Gain during the B-School Applications, Advice for Class of 2013 Applicants, Guide to Recruiting and Schmoozing

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MBA: Weight Gain during the B-School Application Process - how much weight did you gain/lose? Advice for Class of 2013 Applicants - what should you do to strengthen your application?  Guide to Recruiting & Schmoozing - recruiting strategy, etiquette at events, manners & procedures for sit-down meals, proper attire for events,...

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MBA Admissions News Round Up

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Last week was packed with MBA admissions-related news. It's time for a round up! This MBA Podcaster video includes valuable information on Stanford's MBA application and b-school experience, including an interview with Linda Abraham, Accepted’s founder and president, about the application process and Stanford's essays, as...

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HBS MBA ’09 Employment Update

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So is it a good time to go for an MBA or not? Can you ride out the recession in business school? Will you end up with total loans approaching the national debt and then graduate without a job? These are the kinds of questions I...

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