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Pediatrician and Social Entrepreneur: Meet Dr. Anne Steptoe [Episode 246]

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Our guest today, Dr. Anne Steptoe, earned her BA in Classics and English at Harvard in 2009. She then worked for two years as a Health Policy Senior Analyst at Mass General Hospital and attended medical school at Brown. Along the way to her current...

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Add Detail to Your Social Enterprise/Community Service Goals

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Whether you’re applying for an MBA, a PhD in Public Policy (or many other doctoral fields), or a Masters in Social Work, you’re likely to talk about social enterprise, or community service, goals in your application. For some, this will be your primary objective –...

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UC Berkeley Haas Creates New Institute for Business and Social Impact

By - Nov 23, 05:07 AM   Comments [0]

The UC Berkeley Haas School of Business will significantly boost its efforts to inspire creative and effective business solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing problems now that it has launched its new Institute for Business and Social Impact. The institute will be...

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Kellogg School Wins 2013 International Impact Investing Challenge

By - May 15, 13:39 PM   Comments [0]

Four MBA students from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management took top honors at the 2013 International Impact Investing Challenge on April 26th at the World Bank in Washington, DC. The third annual competition, hosted and organized by Kellogg and INSEAD, challenged graduate students to propose...

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2013 Business & Society Competition to Challenge MBA Students Worldwide

By - Mar 4, 06:04 AM   Comments [0]

Students at 25 leading business schools will compete this spring for recognition and $35,000 in scholarship funds by exploring the significant and positive influence that well-managed business can have in society. Through the analysis of a new business case study co-authored by the Yale School of...

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MBAs Want to Do Well…and Good

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While the market may not be at its best right now, there's never been a better time to pursue the career of a do-gooder. According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, "MBA Grads Tackle Social Problems," a "new breed" of b-school graduate is emerging. These optimistic, ideal-driven...

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NYU Stern Langone MBA: A Current Student Interview

By - May 5, 00:42 AM   Comments [0] has started a new blog series offering our readers a behind-the-scenes look at selected MBA programs. We hope to offer you a candid picture of student life, and what you should consider as you prepare your application. Here are some excerpts from an interview with...

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Social Entrepreneurship: Which Schools have the Best Programs, “Best” Admissions Consulting Companies, Financing Your MBA, How to Get a Loan, Oil and Gas MBA Recruiters, Leadership Development Programs at Manufacturing Firms

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Social Entrepreneurship - which schools have the best programs "Best" Admissions Consulting Companies - hear who is recommended Financing your MBA - useful information if you have a loan How to get a Loan - talk to you school's financial aid office and other tips Oil and Gas MBA...

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MBAs Search for Green Pastures

By - Apr 12, 18:13 PM   Comments [0]

A recent BusinessWeek article, titled "MBAs with a Social Conscience," reports that more and more MBA applicants have social enterprise, nonprofit work, and sustainability on their minds when it comes to choosing a post MBA career path. Adcoms from top MBA programs are seeing increases in...

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MBA Applicants: 3 Ways to Back Up Your Social Enterprise Goals

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They want to save the world. That’s what a lot of my MBA clients say they want to do, by leading a tech-based effort to bring education to rural areas or launching a groundbreaking non-profit or running the emerging economy practice of a top consulting firm....

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