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Tips for Your Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program Application

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Do you aim to improve the world? Would you like to earn your graduate degree at Stanford tuition-free? Then you will be happy to hear about the new 2018-19 Knight-Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford, a program that will cover 100 Stanford graduate students’ tuition for...

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An Indian Engineer’s Journey to 5 Tops MBA Programs including her dream school Harvard – Part 4

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Poonam, founder and president of myEssayReview, is publishing interviews of her most recent successful students.  This is the latest in the series. Here is a chat with Mansi, who was accepted into 5 top MBA programs –Kellogg, Wharton, INSEAD, Stanford, and Harvard. Mansi is headed to...

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Stanford MSx Application Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Both the relatively complex MSx application form and your resume will establish you as a leader in your organization (and possibly even your domain), and that’s essential to be a qualified MSx applicant. Hence, you don’t need to, and shouldn’t try to, prove your qualifications...

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What’s New in Stanford MBA and MSX Admissions? Reporting From the 2017 AIGAC Conference

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The Stanford MBA program has a new admissions director – Kirsten Moss – and, everything being personal in this program, she is already leaving a fresh stamp on admissions approaches. During our AIGAC (Association of International Graduate Application Consultants) annual conference a couple of weeks...

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Stanford MBA Class of 2018 Profile

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Who will be receiving their MBA from Stanford in 2018? Here’s a look at this year’s incoming class. • Total Applicants: 8116 • New Students: 417 • Women: 41% • International: 40% • U.S. minorities: 29% • Average GMAT score: 737 • Range of GMAT score:...

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Understanding Stanford GSB’s Interest in Personal Qualities and Contributions

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What are the qualities that Stanford GSB is looking for as they build their class? How do successful applicants stand out from the crowd? At a school as competitive as Stanford, it’s a fact that many smart, accomplished applicants won’t get in—so how can you...

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The Best Thing You Can Do This Week for Your Stanford MBA App

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You can’t apply to Stanford GSB on the spur of the moment – at least, you really shouldn’t if you hope to get accepted. But you can still make a last-minute decision to attend our free webinar, Get Accepted to Stanford GSB. With the strategies...

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Stanford GSB MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Stanford is once again re-using it's essay questions. And there's good reason for the recycling: These are excellent questions that succinctly get to the heart of what Stanford wants to know about you. They are not easy questions, but they are thoughtful, probing ones. Stanford gives...

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Harvard, Stanford, Wharton: What’s the Difference?

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True, Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton have a lot in common. But what if you are in the enviable position of having to choose between the three? What really differentiates the programs and how can you decide which is best for you? Are you applying to business...

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Stanford Graduate School of Business Class of 2017 Profile

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Who will be graduating next year from Stanford GSB? Let’s take a look at the class of 2017 (from the Stanford website)… • Applications received: 7,899 • Students matriculated: 407 • Women: 40% • International: 40% • U.S. minorities: 19% • Average GMAT score: 733 • Range of GMAT score: 570-800 • TOEFL:...

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