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Is 10 Days Per Business School Application Enough?

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There are a number of steps involved in the MBA application essay writing process: contemplating the questions, choosing the topics, and crafting a collection of short stories that tell a tale and appeal to an admissions committee. Each of these steps takes time. But HOW...

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Round Three Advice from Chicago Booth

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With just over a week to go until the April 4th round three deadline, Kurt Ahlm, associate dean of student recruitment and admissions at Chicago Booth School of Business, took to the Booth Insider Blog to address some common questions---and concerns---that late-round applicants have. While Round...

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Breaking Down Two Minutes: Time Management Within a GMAT Problem

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This article, written by Abby Pelcyger and Stacey Koprince, was adapted from our upcoming book, The GMAT Roadmap: Expert Advice Through Test Day. The full book will be available mid-November. You won’t correctly answer every Quant problem on the GMAT in the allotted time. Even 99th...

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GMAT Diagnostic Test, GMAT Experience & Tips : 760 (51Q, 44V, 6.0 AWA), How to Get 6.0 AWA, Timing Strategies on the GMAT

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GMAT Experience & Tips - 760 (51Q, 44V, 6.0 AWA) How to Get 6.0 AWA - strategies to help you boost your score Timing Strategies on the GMAT - you have less than 2 minutes per question GMAT Diagnostic Test - understand your weaknesses in Quant

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