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Wharton Deadlines – Just a Few Months Away!

By - May 26, 07:47 AM   Comments [0]

Wharton applicants: You may feel like you’ve still got plenty of time before those applications are due, but October 1st (the deadline for R1 applications) will sneak up on you faster than you realize! Mark your calendars with these important dates to ensure that you stay...

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Wharton MBA 2014 Deadlines

By - May 19, 23:31 PM   Comments [0]

The 2014 Wharton MBA deadlines have been published: Round 1 - October 1, 2013 Round 2 - January 7, 2014 Round 3 - March 27, 2014   Other top schools which have already published their 2014 deadlines include HBS, Stanford, INSEAD, Michigan, Berkeley and Columbia. You can find a list...

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Wharton’s Dean Robertson Announces End of Deanship

By - Apr 25, 14:22 PM   Comments [0]

Last week Wharton’s dean, Thomas S. Robertson, announced that he’d be stepping down from his post at the end of June 2014. Robertson has been dean of Wharton since August 2007 and saw the top b-school through the Bear, Stears & Co. collapse and the...

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Four Tips for the Wharton Interview

By - Apr 8, 09:15 AM   Comments [0]

We’ve offered advice on the Wharton team-based discussion a few times (like here and here), but it seems like applicants are still struggling to wrap their heads around this interview experience. Here I will reinforce some key points, as well as let you know about our...

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Wharton School Releases Annual MBA Career Report

By - Nov 29, 21:38 PM   Comments [0]

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania recently released its 2012 MBA Career Management Career Statistics report offering an informative snapshot on graduates’ industry choices, compensation and geographic preferences. For the class of 2012, 95.5 percent of students seeking employment had job offers in hand...

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Handling Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion

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If you’re applying to Wharton this year, then you are likely aware of the school’s new addition to the application process: the team-based discussion. Personally, I consider this new evaluation method an excellent idea, as much of business-school life consists of team-based discussion; it was...

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3 Wharton MBA Program Updates

By - Aug 8, 02:44 AM   Comments [0]

A recent Poets & Quants article outlines three important updates to the Wharton admissions process and curriculum. The three innovations are: 1. Team-Based Discussion for MBA Applicants Wharton's vice dean, Karl T. Ulrich, says that these discussions or "tests" will give the admissions committee a new "tool to...

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MBA Admissions: Consumer Products and Retail

By - Aug 5, 02:50 AM   Comments [0]

A quick glance at Wharton: Wharton currently ranks in third place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). It was ranked #2 for marketing. Incoming Wharton Students and Consumer Products and Retail The Wharton class of 2013...

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2013 Wharton Executive MBA Application Tips

By - Jul 30, 14:42 PM   Comments [0]

The Wharton EMBA adcom shows a very clear focus in its set of essay questions. It wants to understand your goals and how executive business studies support them (essay 1), it wants to understand you as a person and as a professional (essay 2), and...

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MBA Admissions: Wharton and Financial Services

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A quick glance at Wharton: Wharton currently ranks in third place as one of the best business schools, according to US News & World Report (March 2012). For finance, Wharton was ranked as number one. Incoming Wharton Students and Financial Services The class of 2013 has...

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