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“I must thank … Paul and Praetorian for providing me access to GMATClub Tests – without which I would never have scored a 50 in Quant.”

- Giddi77 GMAT 710 (Q50 V36)

“The math tests are the best tools I’ve seen for sharpening GMAT-specific math skills…. Without a doubt, the math tests here at GMATClub.com were the best tools I used to improve my math skills.”

- Artshep GMAT 770 (Q49 V47)

"GMATClub Test Sets — more advanced than what you will see on the GMAT … I liked the GMATClub Test Sets very much."

- Larzke GMAT 760 (Q49 V47)

"It helped me to bump my Quant score from 47 to 50 which puts me in the 95% percentile for Quant"

- Ozmba2006

"I recommend the tests … They are good for your confidence because you know the real stuff won’t be as tough."

- Vikramjit_01 GMAT 740 (Q49 V41)

"Have you tried GMATClub Tests??? I think they guarantee minimum of 46Q"

- Vlad77

"The GMAT Club tests are great practice and really help those looking to boost their Q scores into the 48-51 range. I personally improved my Q score from 43 to 48 using the challenges exclusively."

- YihWei GMAT 760 (Q49, V45)

"GmatClub Tests: Teach really nice shortcuts to solve problems. The level of questions is higher than GMAT, but practicing them helped me cut down my careless mistakes, and I learnt to perform under pressure. Besides, I could see how others faired on these questions, and that gave me confidence …"

- Gmat_march GMAT 720 (Q49, V40)

"GMATclub tests were useful to clarify my fundamentals and make me realize the kind of silly mistakes I used to make."

- Subhen GMAT 730 (Q49, V40)

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