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Joined: 17 May 2021
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Location: India
GMAT 1: 730 Q50 V40
GPA: 3.6
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Joined: 04 Mar 2020
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Location: India
GMAT 1: 640 Q46 V30
GMAT 2: 730 Q49 V41
GRE 1: Q167 V150
GPA: 3.97
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Joined: 16 Nov 2020
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Joined: 30 Dec 2022
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Dear all,
Please help me gauge my chances of selection at ISB 2023 round of admissions.

Personal profile: Dr. Nishant Joshi, 22 years, male, Indian

Academic background:

10th from CBSE, India: 10 CGPA
12th from Rajasthan State board in PCB: 94.6%Selected through National Level entrance test NEET-UG SCORE- 595/720
MBBS from RNT Medical college, Udaipur: from 2017 to 2022
MBBS average Percentage 65%
GMAT: scheduled in August 2023

Professional background:
Internship : 12 months Mar. 2022 to Mar. 2023 in MB Government hospital ,Udaipur
Total Work experience: 0 months (Planning to join it post GMAT exam, currently looking for early entry options)

Extra- Curricular
*Participated in intercollege debate competition twice and won certificate of appreciation.
*Won medals at college level essay writing, debate competition.
*Participated at college level sports event with 4 gold and 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.
*Founding members of the college literary club, leading a team of junior doctors every year since 2017 to participate in reading and writing activities in the club.
*Founding member and organizer of the annual doctor’s meet of our district.
*Volunteer for annual blood donation event at college since 2018
*Helped manage funds for the student welfare committee.

MBA Plan - MBA in general management with add on concentration in healthcare management

Future plan post MBA: Want to work in healthcare firm at consulting/strategy role to utilize my already available experience in the field and gain valuable insights to build a start-up to provide easy access to healthcare services for patients who belong to poor backgrounds.

TARGET SCHOOL – ISB also open to suggestions about other schools that might fit my profile.

What should be my target score?
What further can be done to be a better fit to the school?
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Joined: 30 Jan 2023
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Location: China
Concentration: Finance, Technology
GMAT 1: 680 Q50 V31
GRE 1: Q170 V164
GPA: 2.87
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Hello team Fortuna.

Hows it going!
I am really looking into a estimate of my profile and possible feedback.
Will be much apprecietad if you can share something with m2:)

Born of Year : 1991

Educational Qualifications :

Major: Bachelors of Law,Sociology. GPA:2.9/4. Percentile:75%

Second Major: International Economics and Trade. GPA 2.7/4 Percentile:70%

Year of graduation : 2014

Location : Mainland China

GRE:334 (Verbal:164 Quant:170)

TOEFL: 110

Work Experience

8 Years (By the time of 2023 R1 submitting) in 3 companies and 1 startup


EY advisory (Financial service industry)
- Work directly with Leading partner on business development, presentation to client executive and won 1 million$ deal in first year. top consultant among tier(1/5)
- Mainly a foundation of my financial technology career path
Finup Group(a series B round Fintech startup, main product is online line of credits)
- leader of a line of business, managing a team of 30+(PM, BA, Devs,Ops), overall management based on business analytical protocal.
- Fastest growing product among the company. 1% of total revenue to ~50%. line of credit:1 billion CNY
Plug and Play Tech Center China office(A VC accellerator headquartered in Silicon Vally), Fintech Vertical
- building from scratch of one of the largest Fintech startup-to-corporate platform in China as founding core team member,then promoted to veritcal leader
- 4 years. 8 major corporate partner,executive level. 600+ startup sourced. 150 leading fintech related early stage startup in batch. Generated 30+ proof of concept, 18 million CNY revenue generated in lump sum,invest in 2 startups on angel round.
- innovation consulting for globa fortune 500 in building proof-of-concept and accelerator platforms, design and implemented 0-to-1 process in building innovative products and gtm for leading Fortune 500 corporates(mainly financial service groups)


AIliving Technology ( a IoT startup design smart hardware and ERP for goverments, currently operating)
- Co-founded in 2018. Fundraising for angel round and 2 following rounds, raised 12 million CNY in total.
- Strategy advisory(not board member) on GTM strategy, BD opportunities.
- Team building and recruiting, grown from 4 people to 30 people in 2 years.



1. stay in US.
2. financial service industry consulting at Tier2 and above consulting firm(might including digital strategy, or operational strategy)
3. tech investment banking at BB or boutique IB, serving asian startups on M&A, IPO related deminds

long-term: Venture capital in asia market, investing in financial technology and enterprise growth stage startups. (or dive in to start-up as CFO or head of BD…)

Target :

Full time MBA 2 years at a M7

dream school: HBS, Stanford, Wharton.

My questions :

1. An honest opinion about where I am among my peers, especially in mainland china applicant..(I am a Chinese Passport Holder)?
2. What could I do to improve my profile?
3. How is adquateness of my target school setting..
4. As per my case, which are the schools that I have more chance to get in with $$.
5. anything you have thought about feel free to share with me:)
Joined: 24 Apr 2023
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Location: India
GMAT 1: 600 Q49 V23
GMAT 2: 710 Q50 V35
GPA: 4
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Hello team,

Looking for any help i can find to analyse my straight up rejection by IMD within few days of my mba application.

My profile:
Indian, 33Male

Work ex: 8years with 3 promotions, currently working as a senior manager leading a team of 12 consultants (customer: Big pharma giant based in switzerland)

ACADEMICS: Masters and bachelors from IIT (top3 in india). Masters GPA=4/4, bachelors gpa: 2.9/4, academic distinction and institute excellence award for masters

GMAT: 700

Extracurriculars: decent but mostly from 7-8yrs ago

LORs: good recommendation from client

Used the additional info section to highlight how i got into consulting after studying engineering

Career Goals:
1. Looking to switch geography to switzerland post IMD
2. Expecting a vertical jump in current role within the same industry
3. I already have a Network of colleagues and customers in switzerland

What could have worked against my application:
1. No presence on linkedin (i find the platform toxic and unbearable)
2. In finance section of the imd application, i explicitly mentioned that i would be looking to fund 40% of the total mba cost through loans and 40% through IMD scholarships.

Looking for any feedback on my profile and rejection or any inputs on which schools should i target next? I am looking for a 1 year MBA program with an average age of 30+ years.
Joined: 04 Dec 2002
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Location: United States (WA)
GMAT 1: 750 Q49 V42
GPA: 3
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Expert Reply
Hi! fYI - You may want to post in the topic for Fortuna profile feedback as well. Let me dig it out.

Never mind. It is getting there automatically. It is all good! 👍

Originally posted by bb on 24 Apr 2023, 13:28.
Last edited by bb on 24 Apr 2023, 13:29, edited 1 time in total.
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Joined: 22 Jun 2021
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Neelam11 wrote:
Hi those who want paid material at less than half prices, reach me phone no 7807304793. Magoosh and Manhatan Kaplan paid video lectures available for scoring 700+ along with mock tests and 15 Ebooks complete package those who are kindly dm❓❗ Times, E-gmat Target test preparation, GMAT whiz, whizako subscription available.

Is your Phone Number available on Kindly validate the Phone no. again? Thanks
Joined: 22 Dec 2021
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Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Hello Team Fortuna, it would be very helpful if you could evaluate my profile and suggest which colleges to apply to.

· Demographics : 25 Male, Indian

· Education : Mechanical Engineering from a Tier 2 University, CGPA - 7.63/10

· GMAT : 700 (Q48 V38 IR6), planning to take it again and increase it 720-740.

· Work experience : 3.5 years ( 4.5 by Fall Intake 2024 ), I work in my dad's company as managing partner. I'm the only heir to the business. It's a contract manufacturing company catering to OEMs. After I joined in 2020, we managed to clock in a revenue of 1.1m USD in the previous fiscal year from the pre-covid levels of 500-600k USD, I'm the contact point for our clients and have a very good relationship with our longest standing client(30 yrs). While I'm not the sole reason for the improvement in business, I can surely say I have helped in organizing the workflow and getting more orders from clients. Also I have managed to add another major client.

· Extracurricular activities : Nothing intense or special, had been a part of the official photography club during my UG where we were assigned to record and photographs most of the cultural events.

· Post-MBA goals: I intend to come back to the business soon after graduating, and concentrate more on taking the company to the next level.

· Target schools: Not even sure which colleges I can get into considering my profile, I have been interested very much in the programs offered by Columbia (J- Term), INSEAD, Cornell 1 Year MBA, IESE, Cambridge, LBS. Honestly, I don't fancy my chances here, any good university is also fine.
My preference is 1 Year programs only.

So the reason I want to do an MBA is that I thought earlier that a mechanical engineering degree was enough to take care of our business, while this is true, I felt it's not enough for me to scale the business to the next level. And also felt that an MBA would help me in the future.
Any suggestions on which colleges to concentrate or any improvements to be made in my profile would be deeply appreciated.
Joined: 07 Mar 2023
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Location: India
Schools: Stern '26
GMAT 1: 770 Q50 V46
GPA: 3.9
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Profile Evaluation Request

Demographics : Indian Male, Non Engineering, Age 23

Professional Background: Worked in Analytics Ops(Global Firm) & Finance (Mid Sized Firm in India). Not very long stints so no major awards. Seniors definitely appreciate the work and ratings have been wonderful. My Finance work experience was revolving around M&A projects that are a major part of Investment Banking Advisory and PEVC Industries

Academics: State University in India for Undergrad (BBA), not top ranked. GPA comes to be 4/4 on GMAT scale overall 79.2%.

Extracurricular Activities: National Award in 2 competitions, National Finalist in a few others. Volunteered with Red Cross, JCI, NSS on impactful projects like Industrial Area blood donation camps with significant volume of collections in 2 days.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Didn't attempt anything but now am wondering of leaving job and focusing on an Idea, so nothing for now.

Post-MBA Aspirations: Core Finance (Investment Banking/PEVC) or Consulting in Financial Markets or related spaces

GMAT: Standardized Test scores are valid. GMAT 770 (Q50 V46) and IELTS 8.5

I'd like to know how we can fare in T20 B Schools with good alumni presence and industry connect in IB,PEVC and Consulting.
Joined: 01 Apr 2023
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Location: India
GMAT 1: 720 Q49 V40
GMAT 2: 760 Q50 V42
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Hello Christine Fortuna, it would be very helpful if you could evaluate my profile and suggest which colleges to apply to.

· Demographics : 26 Male, Indian

· Education : Electrical Engineer

· GMAT : 720 (Q49 V40 IR3)

· Work experience : 4 yrs
Joined: 15 Mar 2023
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Profile Evaluation Request [#permalink]
1. Can you review my profile and let me know what you think about it?
2. Can you recommend me schools that I should target based on my profile?

- Indian, Male, 25

- Dual Degree(B.Tech + M.Tech) in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay
- GPA: 8.83/10

GMAT: 760 (Q51 V42 IR8 AWA 5)

Work Experience (Total 4 years at matriculation):
- 1 year 8 months at Goldman Sachs in a Quant Strategist Role in Asset Management (Real Estate) | Promoted in a year
- 1 year 5 months at Wells Fargo in a Technology Role in Consumer Lending | Promoted in a year

Extracurricular Activities:
- CFA Charterholder
- Co-founder of a non-profit initiative that focuses on providing help to underprivileged families living in the slums of Mumbai
- Student Head of International Relations at IIT - Managed student exchange programs, international student delegations, language courses, and buddy programs.
- Strong International Experience during my undergrad at IIT ( Internships in Hong Kong, Canada; Semester Exchange Program in Denmark; Cultural Exchange Program in Indonesia )

Post MBA Goals
- Short Term: Transition into an Investment/Fund Management Role (hopefully focussed in Real Estate)
- Long Term: Come back to India and lead my family’s real estate development business which concentrates on low-income housing projects
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Joined: 13 Jun 2023
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Hi Can someone do a profile evaluation.
Demographics – 29 female, Indian
GRE score 325 Q168 and V157.
Experience 7.5 years in consulting, 3 years in healthcare strategy and 4.5 years in pricing strategy in manufacturing business. I am leading a team of 10 associates.

Recognition – received ~20 awards and accolades in professional experience.
Education – B.Tech. Biotechnology from NITW CGPA 8.4, XII- 95.5 and X – 94
Extra curriculars – Leadership experience in techfest and cultural fest. Additional secretary of Dance and dramatics, executive member of multiple other clubs. Leading a couple of initiatives at the current organization.
Goals – to work for a big consulting firm in the short term and grow to leadership positions in the long term.
Joined: 07 Mar 2023
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Location: India
Schools: Stern '26
GMAT 1: 770 Q50 V46
GPA: 3.9
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Guys, Does having a prior Masters Degree from home country work to your advantage during MBA applications for Top US programs? (Note: Masters is in Business/related subjects and academics are solid with top rank/honors)
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GRE 1: Q165 V160
GPA: 2.5
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
Requesting Profile Evaluation

GRE = 325
GPA = 2.5
Work ex = 4.5 years
10th = 92.5% (ICSE India)
12th = 70% (ICSE India)
Course of choice: MBA

Kindly advice on schools that I can realistically target. I am not sure if I would/would not make it to T-20. Thanks!
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Re: Ask Fortuna Admissions [#permalink]
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