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Best Of The Best Of 2018: VERBAL

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Best Of The Best Of 2018: VERBAL  [#permalink]

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New post 24 Jan 2019, 01:20

The Hardest Critical Reasoning Questions Posted in 2018
In descending order.

981| |Last year, a proactive initiative by the state government to publish t
970| |Demographic experts predict that the global human population - weaken
948| |If there are sentient beings on planets outside our solar system, we
908| |Drama Critic : There were many interesting plays written last year
907| |Atrocities against women are always unacceptable in any society. Howev
907| |University president: Our pool of applicants has been shrinking over
900| |Patient advocate: A new pancreatic cancer treatment has proven
900| |Some theorists argue that literary critics should strive to be value-n
899| |Although the first humans came to Australia 56,000 y
889| |Magazine editor: I know that some of our regular advertisers have been
886| |In a recent study, one group of participants watched video recordings
884| |If Skiffs book is published this year, Professor Nguyen
884| |Magazine editor: I know that some of our regular advertisers have been
869| |A recently published study shows that only 14 percent of dog owners
863| |A rags-to-riches story is irresistible. And the fact that there are so
861| |Ruth: To become a politician, a person should be required to have a
857| |Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, one of the
855| |Studies have shown that photosynthesis, the process by which plants ma
851| |Scientist: Some colonies of bacteria produce antibiotic molecules call
847| |Everyone should have access to more than one newspaper,
846| |A taxi driver earns a flat amount per passenger plus a charge per mile
842| |All any reporter knows about the accident is what the press agent has
838| |Pharmacist: A large study of people aged 65- 81 and suffering from
837| |Governor Kipling, in responding to reports that many of his constituen
832| |Modest amounts of exercise can produce a dramatic improvement in cardi

The Hardest Sentence Correction Questions Posted in 2018
In descending order.

954| |The International Seabed Authority will oversee the new system by next
868| |In order to be converted into high-quality digital versions, analog au
867| |The standard framework of cap and trade is fundamentally conservative,
859| |The 1950 Graver Tank & Manufacturing Co. v. Linde Air Products Co. Sup
822| |Unsurprisingly, commitment in the team was low but it was also evident
818| |Recent studies have shown that the antioxidants found in the acai berr
811| |The court concluded that not only in treating adultery as an offence
800| |Although there is still disagreement among the scientific community
785| |Purchasers of television advertising are increasingly discouraged by
782| |With Saha's unfortunate injury, either Rishab Pant or Dinesh karthik
779| |A recent study by the city council concluded that much of the pollutan
774| |Although the Broadway musical known as "Hair"
764| |Gen. Joseph Hooker initially seized the advantage at the Battle of Cha
761| |Running is one of the activities that greatly increase cardiovascular
757| |In Hinduism, cows are considered sacred and are given the highest
755| |Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists concerns are striking
752| |Colombians in 2002 were suffering the tightening grip of the FARC guer
748| |Since the 1980s, when Chile adopted free market economic policies
740| |Constructed with the finest Italian marble, the floor of the church is
732| |Recently, two calliopes, hummingbirds that weigh one-tenth of an ounce
732| |As is supported by evidence recently presented in mathematical
724| |Motive of the crime decides whether the guilty, after the legal
722| |In a cardboard representation of nucleotide subunits, Watson and Crick
718| |If recent scientific evidence is to be believed, vaccinating children
717| |The board of directors of Aqua Pharmaceuticals has requested the repre

The Best Critical Reasoning Discussions Posted In 2018
* Numbers before links indicate the number of Kudos and Bookmarks received by the post in 2018.

63| |Enforcement of local speed limits through police monitoring has proven
56| |Sammy: For my arthritis, I am going to try my aunt's diet: large amoun
53| |Biologists with a predilection for theory have triedand largely faile
43| |In response to viral infection, the immune systems of mice typically
41| |A study compared a sample of Swedish people older than 75 who needed
36| |Farmer: Worldwide, just three grain cropsrice, wheat, and cornaccoun
36| |Most banks that issue credit cards charge interest rates on credit car
32| |Water monitoring systems used to test stream water
32| |Last year, more copies of accounting software programs were sold than
31| |Pundit: By passing the recent tax bill, the Republicans have likely
29| |A two-year study beginning in 1977 found that, among 85-year-old peopl
28| |More and more law firms specializing in corporate taxes are paid on a
27| |Enterprise Bank currently requires customers with checking accounts to
26| |Meteorologists say that if only they could design an accurate mathemat
25| |A recent sociological study found that more than 40% of the members of
24| |The nature of English literature reflects the rich and diverse vocabul
24| |Leptin, a protein occurring naturally in the blood, appears to regulat
23| |The city of Workney, in raising bus fares from $1.00 to $1.25, propose
22| |As far back as the 1950s, research has shown that adults who participa
22| |In Millington, a city of 50,000 people, Mercedes Pedrosa, a realtor
22| |Nutritionist: Your companys fruit-processing technologies add unaccep
22| |Senator: Between 1950 and present, the number of women diagnosed with
22| |The findings of recent research indicate that prolonged exposure...
22| |Almost the entire demand for milk products in Hamilton County is
21| |Zambia is a closed economy in which the best and the brightest work

The Best Sentence Correction Discussions Posted In 2018

144| |Technically, quicksand is the term for sand that is so saturated wit
92| |Over the past ten years cultivated sunflowers have become a major comm
89| |In order to be converted into high-quality digital versions, analog au
70| |Heating oil and natural gas futures rose sharply yesterday, as long-te
62| |In 1929 relatively small declines in the market ruined many speculator
62| |The Eastern State Penitentiary was established in 1822 by reformers
61| |When viewed from the window of a speeding train, the speed with which
61| |Recent studies have shown that the antioxidants found in the acai berr
60| |Because it regarded the environmentalists as members of an out-of-stat
59| |Long overshadowed by the Maya and Aztec civilizations, historians are
57| |Since 1992, in an attempt to build up the Atlantic salmon population
57| |The Commerce Department reported that the nation's economy grew at a
56| |Normally a bone becomes fossilized through the action of groundwater
51| |Through experimenting designed to provide information that will ultima
50| |In his eagerness to find a city worthy of Priam, the German
49| |More experienced employees may require higher salaries than companies
48| |While many argue that we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by
45| |Although the Broadway musical known as "Hair"
44| |In the 1940s popular magazines in the United States began to report on
43| |The completion in 1925 of the Holland Tunnel, linking Manhattan with N
43| |Seeming to be the only organization fighting for the rights of poor
43| |One of the duties of the Securities and Excange Commission is to .....
43| |Although there is still disagreement among the scientific community
43| |In assessing the problems faced by rural migrant workers the question
42| |At the end of the Na Pali Coast Trail in Kauai is a gorgeous beach, wh

The Best Reading Comprehension Discussions Posted In 2018

97| |The hypothesis that people ascribe more value to things
66| |In the year 1898, the United States made its earliest plunge into impe
51| |Often it was believed that super intelligence leads to financial
45| |Eating fish and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids
44| |Origami is capable of turning a simple sheet of paper
35| |The progress of astronomy has always been closely associated
33| |I submit that impact of solid bodies is the most fundamental of all in
31| |Disruptive innovators can hurt successful and immensely profitable inc
28| |Seventeenth-century philosopher John Locke stated that as much as 99
28| |Recent studies of sediment in the North Atlanticdeep
25| |The concept of difference feminism, proposed by
25| |Globally, about a third of the food produced for human consumption
23| |The role of nurturing in determining ones behavioral traits
23| |The generally agreed upon definition of hallucinations
23| |Irrespective of the general state of the economy
23| |Dark matter and dark energy have both been postulated by astrophysicis
22| |Defined as an aggregate measure of production equal
20| |In the year 1885, the Eiffel firm, which was named
20| |Carotenoids, a family of natural pigments, form an important part of
20| |Typically managed by small groups such as husband-and-wife
19| |Historians who study European women of the Renaissance try to measure
19| |Despite radical differences in what limbs
19| |A firms default risk, the measurement of the chances
18| |Tit-for-Tat a strategy that is a variation of an eye for an eye
18| |Characterized by change of ideals, Sanskritization traditionally

The Best Verbal Topics Posted In 2018

CR Kudos and Bookmarks for NOT Questions
97| |Project CR Butler - Get 2 CR Questions Everyday
85| |Veritas Prep CR Forum Expert - Karishma - Ask Me Anything about CR
67| |Critical Reasoning - Weekly Revision!
35| |Assumption Mondays - Weekly Revision
16| |Evaluate Wednesdays - Weekly Revision
15| |Strengthen/Weaken Tuesdays - Weekly Revision!
11| |Critical Reasoning and shopping for pants!
9| |Inference Thursdays - Weekly Revision!
8| |examPAL CR Forum Expert David - Ask Me Anything about GMAT CR
8| |LSAT CR Tag!
7| |!NEW! Dedicated Forum for All Verbal Study Materials
6| |gmat1393 is the New CR Forum Moderator
3| |A company is considering changing its policy concerning
1| |Can anyone share the summarized list of PATTERNS in CR questions?
SC Kudos and Bookmarks for NOT Questions
242| |Project SC Butler - Get 2 SC Questions Everyday
118| |Sentence Correction Revision - Weekly Updates
44| |GMAT Ninja SC Expert - Ask Me Anything about GMAT SC and Grammar
42| |Modifier Mondays - Weekly Revision!
40| |Comparison Thursdays - Weekly Revision!
33| |Parallelism Tuesday - Weekly Revision!
30| |Generis is the New SC Forum Moderator
25| |New SC Forum Moderator - Sudarshan22
23| |!NEW! Dedicated Forum for All Verbal Study Materials
21| |Verb-Tense Wednesdays - Weekly Revision!
17| |Subject-Verb Fridays - Weekly Revision
16| |New SC Forum Moderator - aragonn
RC Kudos and Bookmarks for NOT Questions
576| |Project RC Butler - Get 2 RC Questions Everyday
93| |GMAT Club RC Megathread - 2018 Edition
57| |Most important step in RC - Practice questions Mon Wed Fri
8|| New RC Forum Moderator - Workout
3| |Reading Comprehension Study Material

Who To Follow In VERBAL Forums In 2018
*Number in front of username indicates the total number of post made in Verbal forums in 2018.

CR Users who were most active
883| VerbalBot
579| Bunuel
530| aragonn
318| GMATNinja
302| VeritasKarishma
228| nightblade354
210| AshutoshB
198| chesstitans
180| AkshdeepS
164| SonalSinha803

SC Users who were most active
1111| Bunuel
995| VerbalBot
664| aragonn
498| daagh
365| Abhishek009
346| sudarshan22
298| GMATNinja
270| generis
228| thangvietnam
214| Helium

RC Users who were most active
484| workout
254| GmatWizard
245| aragonn
159| GMATNinja
139| SajjadAhmad
87| Skywalker18
77| sandysilva
72| dabaobao
69| @AdityaHongunti

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Joined: 02 Sep 2009
Posts: 58435
Best Of The Best Of 2018: VERBAL  [#permalink]

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New post 24 Jan 2019, 01:40
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Best Of The Best Of 2018: VERBAL   [#permalink] 24 Jan 2019, 01:40
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Best Of The Best Of 2018: VERBAL

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