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Free Concept: As, Like and As Vs Like from e-GMAT

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Free Concept: As, Like and As Vs Like from e-GMAT  [#permalink]

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New post 29 May 2012, 13:31



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Hi all,

With 43 concepts, 450+ practice problems and 10+ hrs. of audio visual lessons, e-GMAT SC one of the most comprehensive course for GMAT Sentence Correction. It is also the only course that is designed to help non natives succeed. It is also our most successful course, one which has constantly earned stellar reviews from our customers.

We are now adding 3 more concepts to our SC course offering. We will be releasing these concepts over the next one week. These concepts will be a part of the free trial for a limited time. Here is an introductory article describing what is covered in the three concepts. Shraddha, who was the Page 3 editor for Hindustan Times, a national daily with a readership of 4 million, has written these articles. The characters in this article are Julio and Shraddha.

Sign up for the e-GMAT free trial if you want to be notified as soon as these concepts are released.


Julio looked worried. He was scratching his head over some sentences. I did not bother him and went about my chores. However, the scene did not change even after sometime. Julio was still scratching his head over some sentences.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Like Vs As, you know.” Julio sounded bored.

“Are you serious?”

“Indeed, I am. Why?”

“Because that’s the topic we are adding as a full blown concept at e-gmat.”

The scene suddenly changed. Julio did not look worried anymore. In fact, he became pretty excited and inundated me with scores of questions in one breath.

“Whoa! Take it easy Julio. I did not understand a word there.”

“I’m so excited, you see. So what’s there in the new concept? What all are you covering there? Will I…?

I cut him short. I saw the volley of questions attacking me again. “Your eyes have lit up a like a CFL bulb, Julio.”

“Oh come on! What a comparison, huh?”

“Yes, because that is what we have covered in our first concept “LIKE”. LIKE is used for comparison. Just the way I did now. I compared your eyes to CFL bulbs. By using “like” we compare those things that have some qualities in common.

“What else about LIKE?”

“Quite a bit. In our concept, we have explained the basic characteristics of “Like”, the correct usages of the word, how GMAT introduces errors with the incorrect usage of “like”, and how can we rectify “those” errors. All these are explained in great detail with plenty of examples.


“What basic characteristics have you explained there?”

“Well, well, hold your horses till you learn from the concept itself. Just to give you a preview, one of the basic characters we have explained in detail is that “like” is always followed by a noun. GMAT often introduces an error by adding a clause after “like”. To rectify this error, we must make sure that like” is followed by a noun.”

“Really! That sounds simple. But we also use “as” for comparison, right?”

“Absolutely right. However, there are many other functions that “as” performs in addition to presenting comparison. All these functions of “as” feature in our “As” concept in the series of “Like Vs. As.”

“So here too you have covered all the basic features of “as” and its usages?”

“Yes, and all with examples and detailed explanations.”

“Since both “like” and “as” are used for comparison, what is the difference between them?

“You ask nice questions Julio. The difference lies in their usage. As I said earlier, “like” is followed by a noun whereas “as” is followed by a clause. You know, we have some really good examples to explain this difference from the meaning standpoint because meaning is of utmost important in GMAT, right?”

“Could not agree more. But wait, did you not say that “as” is followed by a “clause”?”

“Yes, I did.”

“So tell me why this sentence still stands right even after “as” is not followed by a clause?” Julio handed me the paper with the sentence that read: Now that Mary has completed her residency, she can practice medicine as a full-fledged doctor in her hometown.

“Perfect question. This exactly is the confusion brewer. Many a times people get confused whether “as” should be followed by a “noun” or “clause”? How to ascertain that? Let me explain it to you in detail.”

I explained this point of confusion to Julio. We studied so many different examples to cement the concepts of Like Vs. As. We also solved a few official questions as well following the three-step e-gmat process.

“Wow, now I feel that can solve any problem related to Like Vs As. There’s no confusion at all.” Julio looked really happy. His eyes were still glowing like CFL bulbs.

I can already imagine eyes of all of you glowing like a CFL or maybe glowing even brighter. Everything that you need to know about Like and As and their usage is packaged with excruciating details in three different concept files namely “Like”, “As” and “Like Vs. As”. These concepts have over 30 questions for practice.  (Julio is eagerly waiting for them; I know you are too) So watch out friends, soon this concept will be a child’s play for you. We are excited. So is Julio. What about you?


Launch Plan:

We will be launching these concepts starting tomorrow. Note - each of these concepts will be a part of the free trial only for a period of 2 days. Beyond this limited period, these concepts will be available to e-GMAT SC students. Here is a tentative schedule:
1. Like: Various correct and incorrect usages + 10 exercise problems - May 30 (will be part of free trial till June 1)
2. As: Various correct and incorrect usages + 10 exercise problems – June 1 (will be part of free trial till June 3)
3. Like Vs. As: The source(s) of confusion and the process June + 10 exercise problems - 5 with the launch of verbal forum
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Re: Free Concept: As, Like and As Vs Like from e-GMAT  [#permalink]

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New post 06 May 2014, 01:58
Awesome post.

As can also be used when referring to a position
eg : he works there as a janitor (position of a janitor)
he works there like a janitor (the way a janitor does)

both are correct.
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Re: Free Concept: As, Like and As Vs Like from e-GMAT  [#permalink]

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New post 05 Jun 2018, 08:52
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Thanks to another GMAT Club member, I have just discovered this valuable topic, yet it had no discussion for over a year. I am now bumping it up - doing my job. I think you may find it valuable (esp those replies with Kudos).

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Re: Free Concept: As, Like and As Vs Like from e-GMAT   [#permalink] 05 Jun 2018, 08:52
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Free Concept: As, Like and As Vs Like from e-GMAT

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