New GMAT Test Format in 2013

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According to The Economist, the GMAT Entrance test is to be transformed by 2013 as the result of criticism related to its evaluation weaknesses, pressure from GRE, and GMAT Cheating:

The GMAT—the contentious entrance exam required by most important business schools—is set for an upgrade. Dubbed the “Next Generation GMAT”, the test's administrator, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), says it is responding to changes in the business school market, such as an increase in specialised masters programmes and more variations on the traditional MBA. Few firm details of what the new exam will look like are yet available—the GMAC is set to go through a lengthy consultation process with schools, with the new test to be launched in 2013—but it may look to address some of the criticisms that are often levelled at it.

Despite being the de facto entrance exam for business schools across the world, the GMAT is only available in (American) English and has often been accused of a cultural bias towards Western students. Furthermore, breaches of security, such as last year's cheating scandal (see article) and the problem of professional test-takers sitting the exam for prospective students, are also sure to feature in the GMAC's deliberations.

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