GMAT Strategy Session#2

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Welcome to the second GMAT strategy session. In the first session we will focus on refinement – how to customize your study plan in the last 30 days to attain maximum score improvements. The key questions answered in this session are the following:

  1. How to define your study plan in the last 30 days:
    • When to take mocks
    • How to decide where(on which topics) to spend time
    • When to take vacation.
  2. How to evaluate your mocks to determine your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Tactical strategies to maximize your mock scores
    • Timing strategies
    • When to skip question
    • Which question to skip

In this concept we will introduce 2 new terms – Takt Time and Total Productive Time and show how you can use this to maximize your score from mocks.

Time and Date of the session: Aug 25, at 9.30 am Pacific Time (PST), 12:30 PM EST, 10:00 PM Indian Standard Time

How to join Session: Click here, select join as guest and enter your name.

Please note that attendance on first come first serve basis. We have a limited capacity meeting room so we recommend that you join at least 15 minutes in advance to reserve your spot.

See you in session.



Rajat Sadana

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  1. mihika July 6, 3:56 PM

    Hey ..

    i could not attend this session. can you please send the recording of this session. i would be really grateful.


  2. egmat egmat July 10, 5:39 PM

    Dear Mihika, The recordings have been uploaded on the e-GMAT portal. You can log in to your e-GMAT account and view them. Click on the video below for more details.

    Write to me at if you have any questions.

    -Rajat Sadana