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Applicants with Less Professional Experience, NYU Stern Interview, Essays, Accounting and Taxation

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Applicants with Less Professional Experience - do you fall under this category? NYU Stern Interview - helpful tips Essay Submission Format - what to look for before you submit Master of Accounting Taxation - UVA vs Notre Dame Programs

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GMAT Score Calculator; Divisibility and Remainder Questions; Permutations, Combinations and Probability; Share your GMAT Experience

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GMAT Score Calculator - see how your scores compare across the board Divisibility/Remainder Questions - a collection of practice questions Permutations, Combinations and Probability - 55 download questions 700 (Q49, V35) - share your GMAT experience 770 (Q48, V50) - share your GMAT experience 750 (Q50, V41) - share your...

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GMAT Tips, Terms used on GMAT, Share your GMAT experience, DS videos and notes, Knewton Verbal Challenge

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Fave GMAT Tips - if you only knew then what you know now Anglosaxon Terms on GMAT - units of measurements to become familiar with DS - videos and notes for DS questions 700 (Q49, V35) - share your GMAT experience 770 (Q48, V50) - share your GMAT experience Get...

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CPA, Recommendations, Mistakes in MBA Application

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CPA for Someone with MST - get answers from a CPA within Big 4 Tax Ideas for Sanity - how do applicants maintain it Gifts for Recommenders under $25 Finding Mistakes in Applications AFTER Submission - OUCH!

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Official Guide Questions vs GMAT Club Tests, SC, Remainder Problems, Speed Mathematics, Share your GMAT experience

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Official Guide Questions vs GMAT Club Tests - which are harder? "Hopefully" in SC - how to use it correctly Remainder Problems - a collection with answers Speed Mathematics - useful techniques to help increase your speed 720 (Q49, V39) - share your GMAT experience

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MIT Sloan Interview, HEC Paris Interview, Media and Entertainment Industry

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MIT Sloan Interview - what types of questions are they asking? HEC Paris Interview - what questions did they ask? Media & Entertainment Industry - who hires MBA graduates? You can even get an MBA on Facebook these days (marketing ploy?)

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London B-School, MBA Application, MBA Books, Business School Guides

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London B-School - interview questions Best MBA Application Tips - how to write a great essay MBA Books - good books to read prior to MBA Business School Guides Harvard Stanford Penn (Wharton) Chicago Booth MIT (Sloan)

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GMAT Club Marketplace, SC, CR, GMAT Pressure, Share your GMAT experience

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Announcements GMAT Club Marketplace - new from GMAT Club Savings up to 50% on GMAT courses, up to 50% off on GMAT questions, and up to 50% off on Admissions Consulting SC: Noun Modifiers - an exception to the rule SC: "Being" - how to use it correctly CR: "Explain...

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Business School Dashboard, Oxbridge Interview, LSAT and Law School Questions, Make your Leadership Case, Business School Guides

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Business School Dashboard - includes data on 17 schools Oxbridge Interview - my experience and the questions asked LSAT/Law School Question - get answers from a 2L Make your Leadership Case - Business Week article to help you with your application Business School Guides Columbia NYU (Stern) Yale Cornell (Johnson) USC (Marshall)

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Free Access to GMAT Club Tests, Knewton Virtual Study Group, Its vs Theirs, SC Redundant Words, Share your GMAT experience

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Free access to GMAT Club tests - this Saturday (Nov 20) and next Thursday (Nov 25) Knewton Virtual Study Group - Tuesdays at 8pm EST "Its" & "Their" - two of the "deadly five" pronouns SC Notes - redundant words 730 score and an SC Rules Table - my...

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