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The Initial Steps: How to Prepare for your 1st Round MBA Application

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Thinking about applying to B-School beforehand and not at the last moment is always a good thing to do. First-round applicants have fair chances of getting admitted and spending their Christmas holidays with friends and family and not hunched over the essays. Here is a list...

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Researching Your Own Self: Data Mining Techniques for MBA Applicants

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When it comes to preparing your application documents, the data mining step is surely a must. You should no more exclude it from the essay-writing process than you would omit to rehearse a piece of music before performing it publicly, or conducting research before writing...

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How to Win Your MBA Admission Planning

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While the 2016-2017 admissions season is almost over, many applicants, aiming for the upcoming autumn rounds, have already started rigorous preparations. Although this is surely a great strategy, compared with filling in your application form an hour before the deadline, you should still plan the...

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Join a Free Webinar – 6 Core Questions MBA Candidates Ask on June 4

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On June the 4th, 10 AM EST, MBA Strategy invites GMAT Club members to join a free webinar "6 Core Questions MBA Candidates Ask", where you can learn about: 1) Successful MBA applicant profile – webinar speaker’s own case 2) MBA in USA specifics: what is more...

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Three Secrets to Improve your Application Essays

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Why business schools include essays in their application documents list, revising or even completely changing their topics on a regular basis? The reason is pretty clear: admissions committees want to see a person behind a condensed CV, undergraduate transcripts, and standardized test scores. To develop...

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Extracurricular Activities: The Must Pieces of your Application Puzzle

By - May 17, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

You surely know that it is necessary to re-energize from your daily routine once in a while and allocate some time for your hobbies. Why don't we mix business with pleasure and think: what can your extracurricular activities tell MBA admissions about your personality? Here are...

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A Few Tips to Beat MBA Essays Word Limits

By - May 10, 12:00 PM   Comments [0]

Business schools admissions committees review thousands of applications every year. It would be practically impossible to read each essay with required attention if all applicants had been answering the questions with an intention to write the 4th volume of “Atlas Shrugged.” Schools want you to...

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