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McCombs adds a Round 4 for 2023 Admission

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Texas McCombs MBA Not unlike other MBA programs that have extended or added rounds for 2023 admission, Texas McCombs Full-time MBA added a Round 4, with an application due date of May 11, 2023. The McCombs admissions team stated in a recent article that, "economic uncertainty has impacted many prospective students around the world. With many prospective students facing layoffs or uncertainty in their professional situation, our team believes an additional application round will be helpful for those needing a little more time to work on their application and evaluate their next professional step." Stacey Batas, Director of Full-Time MBA Recruiting and Admissions provides more details about this change on the Texas McCombs MBA Insider.

Key Dates:
Round 4 application due date: May 11, 2023
Decisions delivered date: June 8, 2023

GMAT Club updated the decision tracker and notified applicants on the McCombs forum. One of the big questions is when is the right time to apply? The resources provided on GMAT Club to assist late-round applicants can be crucial to putting the best foot forward on an application. There is currently a Road to Round 3 video series that walks applicants through how to prepare for the GMAT in a short amount of time and tips about getting your application, including resumes, ready to apply in Round 3 or Round 4, so tune in to the 9-part series if you are ready to take your career to the next level through an MBA.

Still not sure if an MBA is right for your career? In December, McCombs released their Full-Time MBA Employment Report where the graduating Class of 2022 reported strong outcomes, "securing an average base salary of $144,564, the highest in school history." The impact that McCombs has on career outcomes can offset the uncertainty facing current employees and help them take next steps toward an MBA and more secure future.

The Texas McCombs MBA program prepares students for the job market and in conjunction with the resources provided by the career management team, has helped graduates secure higher paying full-time offers. In addition, there was a 10 percent increase in signing bonuses. The McCombs program attracts a variety of industries, including consulting, financial services, and technology and connects current students to a vast network of over 100,000 alumni across the globe. Between the alumni network, recruiters, world-class faculty and career consultants, a McCombs MBA will help advance one's career. There is no better time to start your MBA and McCombs assures applicants that Round 4 is not too late.

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