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How MBA Adcoms Evaluate Your GPA

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“But my undergrad school was highly competitive…” “But I worked 20 hours a week during college…” “But I was a varsity athlete at a Division I school…” “But even though it took me a couple of years, once I got it together I made dean’s list every semester…” “But...

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Applying to Regular Full-Time MBA Programs as an Older Applicant

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"An MBA? Why aren't you going for an EMBA?" You’ve probably heard this from friends and acquaintances when they learn that you are planning to pursue full-time graduate business studies, even though you are several years older than the average MBA applicant. This may also...

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Ingredients of a Great MBA Letter of Recommendation

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“Ingredients of a Great MBA Letter of Recommendation” is excerpted from MBA Admission for Smarties: The No-Nonsense Guide to Acceptance at Top Business Schools, by Linda Abraham and Judy Gruen. You may view the job of gathering strong Letters of Recommendation (LORs) as an annoying chore, or...

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How Do You Deal with Criticism? MBA Admissions Committees Want to Know

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Many MBA essays ask you to write about a time you were given criticism and how you dealt with it. This may not be the kind of question you wished they had asked, but it is one that provides an excellent opportunity to show the...

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How Your Top Choice MBA Program Ranks in Accepted’s Selectivity Index

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This year’s Selectivity Index™ is here! Two years ago, Accepted developed the MBA Selectivity Index to help you apply realistically and effectively to business school. The index takes the most recent U.S. News rankings data and reflects the schools’ average GPA, test scores, and acceptance rates...

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3 Tips for Discussing Failure in Your MBA Application Essays

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“Business schools only want to accept candidates who are perfect, so I am going to make sure I show myself in the best possible light. Crickey. One of the essay questions is to tell them about a failure. What do I do now?” While this is...

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15 Reasons MBA Applicants are Rejected

By - Oct 22, 06:30 AM   Comments [0]

If you are reading this, you are most likely considering applying or in the midst of applying to business school. Your goal is to be admitted, of course, and eliminate any obvious reasons to be rejected. What follows are several of the common reasons people...

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6 Tips for Talking About Your Weaknesses

By - Oct 9, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

How do you react when you read/hear the weakness question? With this question, schools are assessing how well you self evaluate. Like a business problem, they want to hear your plan of action, your implementation, and your success rate. Here are some tips to help you...

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6 Tips for MBA Applicants with a Criminal Record

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It’s your job to demonstrate to the adcom that you stand out from the applicant pool and are exactly the person they want in their next MBA class. In this series, you’ll learn how to dig deep to unearth your unique character traits, experiences, skills,...

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Can You Get Accepted After Doing Something Stupid?

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The point of this article is not to tell you that you shouldn’t engage in disorderly conduct, petty theft, or other minor (or major) infractions (though you really shouldn’t…); what we want to discuss here is how you should overcome the obstacle of a criminal...

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