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Admissions consultants, too expensive top Business Schools – GMAT Club forum

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Today we offer these topics: Admissions consultants. Are their services worth the money they charge? See what our members think in this thread. If you are scared of too expensive tuition in top Business Schools, this thread is for you. Read what others think and share your...

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Your plan B, Duke (Fuqua) vs UVA (Darden), startup business post MBA – GMAT Club forum

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Today's featured threads: Do you have a plan B if things don't go as planned? Share your thoughts in our forum. UVA (Darden) vs Duke (Fuqua): which MBA program is better and why. Read more. Anyone wants to create a startup business post MBA? Read what people think...

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BW 2008 rankings, thank you notes, London Business School – GMAT Club forum

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Today's noteworthy threads feature: Business Week 2008 Rankings are to be released soon. Are they skewed? See the discussion in the GMAT Club forum. Thank you notes after interviews. Do you send them? Read a related discussion here. London Business School applicants discuss their application progress. You can...

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A good suit for your interviews, business school application essays – GMAT Club forum

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Today we draw your attention to these threads: Interview season is getting busy. Make sure you dress appropriately. Find advice in a newly revived thread. Essays written later during your business school application process might be better than those written earlier. Should you write the most important...

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Drinking and business school, 500-600 GMAT score applicants

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Today's interesting threads: Ultra elite business schools accept applicants with 500-600 GMAT score sometimes. What the rest of profile must be for a candidate like this? Read more from our forum. Different aspects of drinking in business school are heavily discussed. Drinking and B-School.

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Financing your MBA, first year classes – the GMAT Club forum

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Today's highlights: Financing your MBA might become harder for international students these days. Read a related discussion in the GMAT Club forum. First year classes: core vs electives. Different business schools discussed in our forum. Regards, GMAT Club team

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Essay word limits, business attire, 700+ GMAT scorers

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Here are some threads from the GMAT Club forum that you might like: How do you treat essay word limits? Your feedback is welcome here. What will you wear for your interviews? Read what fellow business school applicants prefer: ladies, guys. How many GMAT Clubbers scored 700+ in...

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Notable posts from the GMAT Club forum

By - Oct 23, 03:06 AM   Comments [0]

We just wanted to draw your attention to these posts: Feedback and suggestions regarding improving our board's functionality and user friendliness are more than welcome here. Business school applicants might face tougher competition this year. Read more. Facts and myths about Investment Banking are thoroughly discussed here. Regards, GMAT Club...

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Notable posts from the GMAT Club forum

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Hi all, I'd like to draw your attention to some threads in our forum: GMAT Club chat room might hold important events soon. Read more. What's the most important factor in choosing a Business School? Read more. Here is a link to recent poll results from Regards, GMAT Club...

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