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Encore: Bain & Company’s Keith Bevans Talks About Careers, Life at Bain [Episode 291]

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  As this show airs,  I’m really busy helping applicants with the end of the year application crunch. And you are probably also really busy, either with your own applications, year-end at work, or with holiday and family events and parties. Now is an excellent time...

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Bain & Company’s Keith Bevans Talks About Careers, Life at Bain [Episode 251]

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One of the biggest motivations, if not the biggest motivation, for applying to graduate school is career enhancement and achievement of professional goals. For many MBAs and some other graduate students, consulting has irresistible appeal. Today it is my distinct pleasure to have on Admissions...

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Exclusive Interview with Duff McDonald on McKinsey, Consulting, and Business School

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With so many applicants interested in joining a top tier consulting firm after graduation, we thought it would be a great idea to chat with the man who wrote the book on the industry’s largest player, what it stands for, and how it has shaped...

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Quick Tips to Improve Your MBA Goals Essays on Joining a Management Consulting Firm

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Getting that golden ticket into a top management consulting firm is a dream of many MBA applicants. After all, it's another great brand on your resume, you get to bounce from project to impact-driving project, and you accelerate your career even more. Who wouldn't want...

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