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Applying to Top MBA Programs with a Low GPA

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You want to apply to a top MBA program, but that low GPA… what can you do to overcome this blemish and apply successfully to your dream school? Watch the video below for concrete, realistic advice on applying to b-school with a less-than-an-ideal GPA. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT You...

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It’s MBA Season: Do You Know Where Your Applications Are?

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Is it phony to start volunteering three months before applying to business school? What can I do to prepare to hit the ground running when my target programs release their applications? What is the worst thing to ask a school rep when I come to...

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5 Top Business School Admissions Myths

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Today’s post comes from Manhattan Review Italy, a well-known provider of test prep and MBA Admissions Consulting in Florence, Milan, Naples, and Rome for Top Business Schools. Are you applying to business school? If so, you probably already know there’s scads of information about the admissions...

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