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Weather/climate impact, great accomplishments vs. great story – GMAT Club

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Is weather/climate an important factor while choosing a Business School? Read more. Great accomplishments vs. great story in your applications. Read more.

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Productivity at work during application season, ladies at GMAT Club – GMAT Club

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What was your productivity at work during the application season? See the results of the poll. Ladies applying to Business Schools are welcome to this thread.

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Adcoms’ decision making process, “too busy” defined – GMAT Club forum

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Funny story about adcoms' decision making process is available here. So you say you're too busy... Read how DLJ bankers define "too busy".

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Odds of meeting your spouse in b-school, GMAT journey from 490 to 700 – GMAT Club forum

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What are the odds of meeting your spouse in Business School? Read answers from our members in this thread. GMAT journey from 490 to 700. Read an inspirational thread here. Regards, GMAT Club team

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The number of schools to apply to, Sales and Trading, Upenn Wharton campus pictures – GMAT Club forum

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How many schools are you applying to? What is the best number of business schools to apply to? Read opinions of our members in the forum. Sales and Trading job opportunities and recent changes in the sphere are discussed in this thread. Some very good UPenn Wharton...

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New Business Week rankings, low GPA applicants – GMAT Club forum

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So what do you think of the new Business Week rankings of Top B-Schools? Share your thoughts here. Your GPA is not very good and you want to apply to a Top Business School? This thread is a must read for you. Regards, GMAT Club team

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Drinking and business school, 500-600 GMAT score applicants

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Today's interesting threads: Ultra elite business schools accept applicants with 500-600 GMAT score sometimes. What the rest of profile must be for a candidate like this? Read more from our forum. Different aspects of drinking in business school are heavily discussed. Drinking and B-School.

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