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Life at USC Marshall as a Future Investment Banker

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Learn how real students navigate their way through the business school admissions process and b-school itself with our What is Business School Really Like? Series. Meet Paolo, a student at USC Marshall with an interest in investment banking. Thank you Paolo for sharing your story with us! How did you...

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J.P. Morgan Tells Investment Bankers to Relax

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According to a Wall Street Journal article, J.P. Morgan is making new efforts to improve the work-life balance and make junior staff members, as well as more senior ones, feel more appreciated. Pencils Down As of last Thursday, the bank will officially be encouraging its employers...

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B-Schools That Rank for Landing Jobs in Investment Banking

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When looking to fill investment banking positions, top firms tend to direct their searches towards cream of the crop universities. Here are the top b-schools you should be looking at to give yourself the best chance of getting hired after graduation, according to the latest...

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Admission Chances for GMAT Club Members, Top Asian B-Schools Join Forces, Investment Banking Recruiting, Best Industry Career for Work Life Balance

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Admission Chances for GMAT Club Members - shocking statistics! Top Asian B-Schools Join Forces - trying to recruit North Americans Investment Banking Recruiting - what are they really looking for? Best Industry Career for Work Life Balance - what are the options?

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What car are you driving through your debt- building MBA years?, Industry Job or Consulting – which one is better?, Impact of BooZ – A.T.Kearney Merger on Recruiting, Recommenders – who should you ask?, IB in the US – how many days off per year on average

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- Impact of BooZ - A.T.Kearney Merger on Recruiting - Recommenders - who should you ask? - IB in the US - how many days off per year on average? - What car are you driving through your debt-building MBA years?

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Why MBA?, LBS vs HEC: Specialized Masters in Management, Investment Banking Interviews for Dummies, NYC Meet-Up for MBA Applicants

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MBA Why MBA? - one of the hardest application questions to answer LBS vs HEC - which is better for a specialized masters in management Investment Banking Interviews for Dummies - frequently asked questions NYC Meet-Up for MBA Applicants - helpful coordinating tips

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NYU Stern Changes Face

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NYU Stern was hit particularly hard during the financial crisis, mainly because of its proximity (both in location and in interests) to NYC's Wall Street. Now, according to a recent article in BusinessWeek, Dean Peter Henry (the new NYU Stern Dean as of January 15),...

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The GMAT, Jobs, and Admissions

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BusinessWeek recently published an excellent article, GMAT: The MBA Job Seeker's Best Friend, exploring the impact of GMAT scores on post-MBA job prospects and the reality that some business school are encouraging accepted students to retake the GMAT to improve their chances of getting desired jobs. What is...

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Special Report: Applying to B-School in Times of Crisis

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Since September the Accepted Admissions Almanac has posted frequently about the impact of the financial crisis on MBA admissions, hiring, and financial aid. We have collected these posts in a free special report Applying to Business School in Times of Crisis. You will find in the...

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No Co-Signor Loans for Int’l MBA Students

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Now, what you've all been waiting for... GMAC announced today a new loan program for international students. To quote the press release: "Responding to a request from the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®), a leading international bank has joined with experienced service providers in student financial...

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