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The GMAT, the GRE, and the Guy Who Knows them Well

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If you have the GMAT or GRE in your future, then you’ve most certainly heard of Kaplan Test Prep. Trying to figure out which test to take? Getting ready for test day? This podcast episode is for you! Listen to the full recording of our podcast...

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GMAT Tips: IR Section Insights from Kaplan Test Prep

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  Kaplan Test Prep graciously shares some tips and insights into the new Integrated Reasoning (IR) section of the GMAT exam. If you are interested in using Kaplan to prepare for your GMAT exam, read our interview with Ram, who just recently completed a Kaplan...

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Kaplan GMAT Course Review: Post-Course Thoughts

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We gave away a free Kaplan GMAT course to Ram C. Ram just completed his course and shares his thoughts with us below. (Ram also gave us a run-down of his first impressions of the course, a few weeks back, which you can view here.) Accepted:...

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Kaplan GMAT Course Review: Week One

By - Jul 24, 14:14 PM   Comments [0]

We gave away a free Kaplan GMAT course to Ram C. Ram will be keeping us up-to-date with his course progress. His review of the program at this point: so far so good! We are confident it will continue to be a success! Accepted: First, can...

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GMAT Club Top Stories: Week of September 15

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The most active and interesting conversations going on within GMAT Club and in the Forum this past week: GMAT Discussions A Great New Deal from Kaplan Test Prep Buy now and get more for free! If you're gearing up to study for the GMAT, Kaplan Test Prep has...

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GMAT Club Top Stories: Week of August 25

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The most active and interesting items going on in GMAT Club and in the Forum this past week.

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Kaplan, Arithmetic, Geometry

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Special Offer - Kaplan's B-School Blueprint - First Annual MBA Night, Join Kaplan for 5 nights, 5 opportunities for FREE, Jan 23-27, 2011 - Register here GMAT - Kaplan GMAT 800 Book - Advanced Arithmetic Book Recommendation - Geometry Formulas Practice Sheet - Parallelism of Verbs of Being

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GMAT Score Calculator; Divisibility and Remainder Questions; Permutations, Combinations and Probability; Share your GMAT Experience

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GMAT Score Calculator - see how your scores compare across the board Divisibility/Remainder Questions - a collection of practice questions Permutations, Combinations and Probability - 55 download questions 700 (Q49, V35) - share your GMAT experience 770 (Q48, V50) - share your GMAT experience 750 (Q50, V41) - share your...

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Kaplan 20 Minute Workout, Problem Solving Questions, SC, Permutations and Combinations, 690 (Q48, V36), 740 (Q45, V47), TOEFL

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Kaplan 20 Minute Workout - free to use and features good explanations Problem Solving Questions - a collection of 50 tough questions SC - learn through these helpful videos Permutations and Combinations - an ebook by The Delta Course 690 (Q48, V36) - what I should have done differently 740...

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From Undergrad to MBA in 5 years

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For those of you out there who are still in undergrad, you may be wondering what is the best way to plan the coming years in order to improve your chances of getting into a top business school in the future. This article is...

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