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How Your Top Choice MBA Program Ranks in Accepted’s Selectivity Index

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This year’s MBA Selectivity Index™ is here! Three years ago, Accepted developed the MBA Selectivity Index to help you apply realistically and effectively to business school. The index takes the most recent U.S. News rankings data and reflects the schools’ average GPA, test scores, and acceptance...

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Do MBA Rankings Matter?

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You’ve defined your goals and assessed your qualifications. Now it’s time to move on to the program research stage of the MBA admissions process. There is a sea of information out there: rankings, books, MBA program websites, MBA fairs, Poets & Quants, student and adcom blogs,...

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U.S. News Releases 2020 MBA Rankings

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Many students apply to grad school believing that another degree will improve their professional options and salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)’s employment forecast published in the summer of 2018, they may be right. The BLS forecast the jobs in master’s-level professions...

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Financial Times Releases 2019 Global MBA Rankings

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  This year’s Financial Times’ Top 10 Business Schools is made up of the same names as last year’s list. Although Stanford Graduate School of Business has stayed in the top spot, there was a lot of shuffling around of the other top 9. Most notably,...

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Times Higher Education (THE) Unveils Its Long-Awaited Best Global MBA Programs

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Times Higher Education (THE) in partnership with the Wall Street Journal recently released its analyzed reams of data about graduate management education and produced a ranking of “high-achieving global MBA programs.” The study ranked the programs in 20 separate performance indicators, leading to an aggregate score...

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Poets & Quants Releases 2018 MBA Rankings

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  Poets & Quants has released their 9th annual MBA ranking. P&Q integrates the five most recent rankings from the top publications in the world: U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Financial Times, and The Economist to come up with their rankings. Each...

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Bloomberg Businessweek Announces Best U.S. Business Schools

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Bloomberg Businessweek conducted its 2018 survey of 10,473 MBA students, 15,050 alumni, and 3,698 recruiters about their business school experiences and their goals. Their answers, in addition to information about salary and job-placement data from each school, combined to create each school’s rank. The ranking...

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Stanford Takes Top Spot in 2018 Financial Times MBA Rankings

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Eight years is a long time to wait, but that’s how long it took for Stanford Graduate School of Business to once again be named the best MBA experience in the world, according to the Financial Times. This is only the second time in 23...

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The Economist 2017 Full-Time MBA Rankings

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The Economist has released its annual international ranking of full-time MBA programs based on data collected during spring 2017. Two surveys were used: 1) The first was completed by schools with eligible programs which covered quantitative subjects and accounted for 80% of the ranking. 2)...

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Forbes Releases 2017 Ranking of Best Business Schools

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Is it worth it to pursue an MBA, especially when the cost of tuition and lost wages can be more than $300,000? Most prospective MBAs apply to school planning to make a career change and/or obtain a higher salary. Forbes’ tenth biennial rankings of the...

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