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Financial Times Releases 2019 Global MBA Rankings

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  This year’s Financial Times’ Top 10 Business Schools is made up of the same names as last year’s list. Although Stanford Graduate School of Business has stayed in the top spot, there was a lot of shuffling around of the other top 9. Most notably,...

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MIT Sloan Early Admission Initiative Announced

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According to MIT’s website, the Sloan School of Management MBA Early Admission program is now accepting applications from enrolled students who will complete their bachelor’s or first degree by July 2019. Applicants who are admitted to the program are required to work for 2-5 years...

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MIT MBA Class Profile [Class of 2020]

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Here’s a look at the MIT Sloan’s class of 2020 profile, taken from the MIT website. Overview: Class size: 409 Women: 42% International students: 38% Countries represented: 49 Average years of work experience: 4.9 << Click here for our MIT Sloan MBA application essay tips! >> Stats Average undergraduate GPA: 3.48 Average GMAT score: 728 Median...

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MIT Sloan Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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These essay questions show that MIT seeks applicants who have the judgment and practical skills to take on the challenges that will fly at them as they re-define industries and functions. Applicants who push the boundary of what’s possible and provide “principled leadership” amidst a...

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MIT Sloan Fellow, User Experience Expert, and Busy Mom [Episode 259]

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Show Summary Katie Luby will be graduating this spring from the MIT Sloan Fellows program, and can’t say enough good things about the experience. Coming from Salesforce, and with an anthropology and design educational background, business school was a whole new animal. Katie feels her experience...

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Executive MBA Essays: How to Make an Impact

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The following is an example of a successful Executive MBA essay for the MIT Sloan Executive MBA Program. Applicants to Executive MBA programs need to demonstrate significant leadership, impact, potential, and the legitimate need for the degree to be accepted, and this essay shows all...

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All the Details About the Full-Time MIT Sloan MBA Program [Episode 241]

By - Jan 13, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

We are pleased to welcome back Dawna Levenson, Director of Admissions at MIT Sloan. Dawna earned her bachelors and masters in Management Science at MIT Sloan, worked in consulting, and then returned to MIT Sloan in 2007 as Associate Director of Academic Programs. She moved...

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Top MBA Programs That Defer

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Most U.S. MBA programs will allow students to defer acceptance (push off starting the program for a year) for U.S. military deployment, illness, or illness of a loved one for whom the candidate is the sole or a major caregiver (you will need proof of...

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From the Mouths of MBA Adcom Members

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Looking for the best possible admissions advice? How about admissions advice from the admission committee members themselves? Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted and host of the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast has a collection of highly enlightening interviews with directors of admissions and adcom members of top business...

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MIT Sloan Master in Finance: How to Get In! [Episode 231]

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This week we are pleased to welcome Heidi Pickett, Director of the MIT Sloan Master of Finance Program. Heidi worked in financial services for 20 years before becoming Director of this program in 2011. She fills us in on what the program is looking for...

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