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A Harvard PhD Student and Admissions Consultant Shares Her Story [Episode 328]

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Interview with Rachel Slutsky, Accepted admissions consultant [Show summary] Want to know what makes for stupendous statements of purpose or impressive MBA essays? Our guest, and recent addition to Accepted’s team of consultants, is an expert at both. But, for some of you her main claim...

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All About the Grenoble DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) [Episode 315]

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Would you like to be the kind of business leader who wants to define problems and design solution based on rigorous research? Are you seeking a global, part-time program that goes beyond the masters? Do you like the idea of being a chef as opposed...

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College and MBA Admissions News Round Up

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Australia steps up recruiting efforts in Latin America, and is rewarded by a huge increase in enrollment of Latin American students. In the last six years, reports a recent Chronicle article on the subject, enrollment of students from Latin America has skyrocketed from 7,000 to...

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