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GMAT Trap Answers: Wordy and Awkward, but Still Correct

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Some of our best students have their grammar rules down pat. They can talk for hours about adjective clauses, dangling modifiers, gerunds, and the subjunctive, but they’re so busy checking to make sure that all the sentence parts fit into place that they forget to...

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GMAT Prep Q&A: Correct Verb Tense on SC

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In preparation for the Sentence Correction portion of the GMAT, let's go over a great question asked by one our students, Mike, about an especially deceptive GMATPrep® SC problem. Mike’s question is about the proper use of the past perfect tense, which you’ll recall is...

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SC Notes, Use of ‘which’, Quant, Live vs Online Prep Course, Share your GMAT Experience

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SC Notes - a collection from various sources 'Which' - usage with and without a comma Fun with Numbers - Excel number game Live vs Online Prep Course? Flashcards - MGMAT Retention Tip 770 (Q51, V46) - share your GMAT experience 730 (Q49, V41) - share your GMAT experience 560 to...

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Algebra 101, Guide to Sequences and Progressions, Manhattan GMAT Challenge Set 2, Verbal SC Notes, Share your GMAT Experience

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Algebra 101 - part of the GMAT Math Book Guide to Sequences and Progressions - thorough explanations of the topics Manhattan GMAT Challenge Set 2 - 20 of the best MGMAT quant questions available for free Verbal SC Notes - a good collection to help you prepare 710...

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Ambiguous Pronouns on the GMAT

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One of the GMAT’s ‘favorite’ error types to test in the sentence correction portion of the exam is pronoun errors. When you encounter a pronoun in these problems, you need to check for two errors. First, you must check to see if the...

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Manhattan Review Offers Free GMAT Teaching Video Series

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Manhattan Review focuses on GMAT preparation, MBA Admissions and Career Training. It has proven student success with top test scores and acceptance by top schools and employers. Manhattan Review prides itself in its highly experienced instructors and small class sizes. We welcome Manhattan Review to...

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