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Michigan Ross MBA: It’s About REAL, Clear, and Teamwork [Episode 271]

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Interview with Michigan Ross’ Soojin Kwon and Diana Economy [Show Summary] Soojin KownKwon, Managing Director of the Fulltime MBA Program, and Diana Economy, Director of Fulltime Admissions at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, share a wealth of information about the Ross MBA program,...

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Get a GRIP on Team Questions

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I took away a lot of wonderful concepts, frameworks and strategies from my MBA education that led to a successful admission career. In fact, one of the most powerful lessons I learned at Michigan (now Ross) was how to lead and work effectively on teams. Professor...

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Michigan Ross Applicants Keen on Team Exercise

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Although the vast majority of applicants surely goes into the new team exercise activity a bundle of nerves, the feedback given so far to Michigan Ross School of Business MBA admissions director Soojin Kwon has been overwhelmingly positive. Participation in the exercise is voluntary this year,...

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