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Wharton MBA Class of 2021 Profile

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Here’s a look at the Wharton MBA class of 2021 profile, taken from the Wharton website. Percent female: 47%International students: 30%U.S. students of color: 36% (students of African-American, Asian-American, Native American/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian descent & multiethnic backgrounds)LGBT students: 5%Countries represented: 64Work experience (overall range): 0-16 yearsMean years work experience: 5GMAT score (overall range): 540-790GMAT...

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How to Present a Winning Wharton Application [Episode 342]

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Learn what makes an applicant stand out at Wharton [Show Summary] What is Wharton looking for? What about its new deferred admission programs? Most importantly, what do you need to do to get in? If these questions reside in your head, listen in! Wharton’s Director of Admissions,...

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View Get Accepted to Wharton Webinar On-Demand

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Applicants who joined us for Get Accepted to Wharton got a great head start on developing their application strategy! Guided by Accepted founder Linda Abraham, they learned what the adcom is looking for, and how to approach the application thoughtfully and effectively. If you missed it – or...

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How This Wharton MBA Created Her Women’s Workwear Brand

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Learn how real students navigate their way through the business school admissions process and b-school itself with our What is Business School Really Like? series. Meet Melina, a recent Wharton MBA graduate and the founder of Keaton, a woman’s workwear brand dedicated to empowering women to look, feel,...

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Wharton MBA Class Profile: Class of 2020

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Let’s take a look at who makes up Wharton’s class of 2020… Applications received: 6,245 (last year: 6,692)Students enrolled: 862 (last year: 863)Women: 43% (last year: 44%)U.S. students of color: 33% (same as last year)Countries represented: 80 (last year: 65)International students: 33% (same as last year)Mean GMAT score: 732 (last year’s average: 730)Mean work...

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Can You Get Accepted to Wharton?

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Wharton. It’s one of the top-ranked business schools in the world – with a rigorous curriculum and amazing resources that will help you accelerate your career in any direction you desire. It’s also very selective. When you’re up against the hard reality of stats like Wharton’s...

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Wharton Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines [2019-20]

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The Wharton EMBA adcom, through its three required questions, expresses its values and its interest in a relationship with students who share those values. Each of the questions highlights a different facet of this relationship. Respecting, recognizing, and responding to that vision through your essays will be the key...

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Wharton MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines [2019 – 2020]

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The big change in Wharton’s admissions last year occurred at the top. Frank DeVechhis left his position as Director of Admissions. Blair Mannix, Director of Operations and Evaluations since 2015, initially assumed the role of Interim Director of Admissions. She became the Director of Admissions...

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Would You Benefit From a Mock Wharton Team-Based Discussion?

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“Chance favors the prepared mind,” said Louis Pasteur, and I agree. A successful Wharton Team-Based Interview is all about the team’s success and your contribution to the team. It’s not about strutting your stuff or dominating the conversation. It’s also not about being a wallflower or...

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Wharton’s Executive MBA, Where East and West Meet and Mix [Episode 283]

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Interview with Barbara Craft & Diane Sharp, Wharton Executive MBA Admissions Directors [Show Summary] In today’s podcast we talk with Barbara Craft and Diane Sharp, Directors of Admission at Wharton’s Executive MBA programs in Philadelphia and San Francisco. They share information on the intricacies of the...

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