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The Miraculous 15-Minute ROUGH, ROUGH Draft

By - Jul 31, 06:00 AM   Comments [0]

Having trouble getting those first few words and sentences of your application essay up on your computer screen? Don’t fret – even the most accomplished novelists or famous journalists have a tough time getting started. Tempted to get up and do something – anything! –...

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Using Anecdotes to Write Memorable MBA Essays

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Why does it matter if you write memorable MBA essays? Because the average top tier business school can read up to 40,000 essays in any given application season. THAT’S ALMOST 400 POUNDS OF ESSAYS. That’s as much as a TIGER. They read a TIGER’S worth of...

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Fatal Flaw #3: Clichéd Writing

By - Nov 30, 03:31 AM   Comments [0]

Don’t hide your lucid answers to essay questions behind meaningless verbiage and abused clichés. I once read an interview with a recent grad. (To protect the guilty, I won’t link.) “As a new company in a new space, we need to exceed client expectations, so first...

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Fatal Flaw #5: Muddled Thinking

By - Nov 1, 14:45 PM   Comments [0]

I am not sure why I made muddled thinking the last flaw. Good writing starts with good thinking and ends with lots of editing, but editing is a topic for another series. Let’s stick with thinking in this tip. One of the biggest causes of...

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Writing A Lead That Pops

By - Aug 28, 14:52 PM   Comments [0]

How many times have you wandered through a bookstore, opening up a book to read the first few lines only to quickly close it again? How often have you read one of those free samples on your Kindle, only to decide after a paragraph that...

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Writing Your Human Interest Personal Statement

By - Dec 26, 11:44 AM   Comments [0]

'Tis the season of giving and sharing, and so I will share an admissions secret with you. Ready? Here goes: Admissions committee members are human beings. They are people, just like you and me. While this may seem obvious to you, I happen to know from reading piles...

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Personal Statement Tip: Vivid Verbs

By - Oct 19, 14:06 PM   Comments [0]

Which of the following conjures a more vivid image? The candle burned all the way down and then went out. OR The flame danced and swayed late into the night. Finally, when it could glow no longer it took its last breath and died. Let's face it – verbs...

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From Example to Exemplary # 5: Revise and Polish Your Essays

By - Mar 12, 08:30 AM   Comments [0]

Lesson #5 of a five-part series for drafting exemplary essays. You've got your first draft ready -- this is a great milestone! Now it's time to revise and edit; outstanding essays are not sprung into the world on the first draft. Here’s how to edit...

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From Example to Exemplary #4: Let’s Get Drafted!

By - Mar 11, 13:12 PM   Comments [0]

Lesson #4 of a five-part series for drafting exemplary essays. Now that you have a clear sense of what makes an essay effective, and have reflected on the questions that have helped you develop your theme, it’s time to start writing. Before you begin, write an...

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From Example to Exemplary #3: Writing the MBA Goals Essay

By - Mar 10, 09:00 AM   Comments [0]

Lesson #3 of a five-part series for drafting exemplary essays. The MBA career goals essay, a close cousin to the graduate school statement of purpose, demands a laser-like focus. Unlike personal statements, which may discuss career goals but also allow for more flexibility in content,...

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