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From Example to Exemplary #1: Identifying the Ingredients of a Winning Essay

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Lesson #1 of a five-part series for drafting exemplary essays. As you gear up to write your application essays, you may have looked at some sample essays only to ask yourself afterward, “Sure, these are great, but what do these essays have to do with...

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What Should I Write About? Making a Difference

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In my non-admissions life, I recently went to a lecture given by a biographer whose work I admire. In the course of his talk he mentioned that while writing about genius has merit, writing about typical folks and their extraordinary achievements is more valuable. The...

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Dealing with Word Limits

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Thanks, A Beautiful Mind, for bringing this up…Although these tips don’t come early enough to help you with your Ross essays, hopefully they will help you and others struggling to meet deadlines for schools with later deadlines. Some people appreciate the challenge; some people despise it....

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