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Wharton EMBA R1: If Rejected, What Next?

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Wharton will be releasing its decisions on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 to let EMBA candidates who applied in Round 1 know whether the school has granted them admission. Some candidates will get unhappy news, because the Wharton EMBA program is one of the most highly competitive programs and the school is particularly picky about things such as career trajectory, number of full-time work experience years, age, short-term goals, quality of the recommendations and essays, college GPA, and standardized test score (especially quant).

If things did not work out with Wharton, you should not conclude you are incapable of accessing a top EMBA program. If you have solid credentials, you can still consider targeting top business schools like Kellogg, Booth, MIT, Haas, Yale, NYU, UCLA, Duke, and Darden. But, before you move forward with other EMBA applications, make sure to correct any notable mistakes you made in your EMBA application to Wharton.

For example, was your EA or GMAT score too low? Did you submit less-than-outstanding essays? Did your recommendation writers fail to convey your credentials and potential adequately? Did you neglect to explain any concerning aspects of your career or academic record? If you decide you need assistance identifying the source of problems, you can try to show your application materials to a reputable EMBA admissions consultant to get a Ding Analysis. Once you identify any weaknesses in your application, you should correct them before applying to your next-choice schools to improve your odds of success. (If you really want to re-apply to Wharton, this same information can help you know what steps to take to prepare a stronger Wharton EMBA application in the future.)

Don’t get too disheartened if Wharton did not work out. There are so many other superb EMBA programs from which to choose, including programs that offer two degrees like the Columbia Business School – London Business School joint program (called the Columbia EMBA-Global Americas & Europe program).

Do you need assistance in preparing an outstanding application to an EMBA program? Feel free to reach out to us!