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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.

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Terrific Thought Partner
April 02 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By msnyc2016 0 5
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I worked with Katharine (Katy) Lewis, who was a terrific thought partner to advise me throughout the application process. I am delighted to share that I will be going to the Wharton MBA program!

I spoke to ~10 admission consultants from various firms and Katy stood out for her experience, track record and most importantly, a savvy ability to recognize my unique story.

Through a detailed brainstorming session, Katy was able to get to know me really well, elements of my story which she reminded me throughout the process. Katy was always available to speak and bounce ideas off (even multiple times a week if I requested) and provide feedback on my thoughts to guide me along. I appreciated that she also had the candor to indicate when she disagreed with my approach or felt that I was not conveying my story to the best of my ability. Through continuous drafts, she help me distill my prior professional and personal experiences and ambitions into a compelling and successful application! What was also really impressive was Katy's ability to be thoughtful about how to use all the various elements of my application (resume, short answers, etc.) together to reinforce and complement my story.

Likewise, when I received interviews (at all 3 programs I applied to), Katy was incredibly helpful in my preparation. She was very thorough on thinking through and testing me on potential questions on behavioral / leadership / experience etc. She went above and beyond offering me multiple mock interviews.

In conclusion, I am thrilled to have worked with Katy, and cannot recommend her more strongly to anyone looking to apply to a top MBA program.

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Susan Kaplan is awesome!
March 31 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ksm2398 0 5
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Susan Kaplan

The price of mbaMission packages looks scary, but fret not, you have made a good investment. When I started the whole MBA process, I could see myself studying for GMAT and eventually getting the hang of it. However, I was scared of the essays and the admissions process. So, I decided to read reviews like this one and made up my mind to work with Susan.

Susan is a straightforward, diligent and caring person. What I really like about her is that she motivates you to give your best. The whole system that mbaMission has developed (brainstorming, outlining essays, etc.) requires lots of hours, so be prepared for some serious soul-searching and essay writing when you sign up. Susan has vast knowledge about the schools, and she is happy to discuss which schools would be a good fit for you. Take advantage of this opportunity and don’t ignore her advice! She was right from the beginning about which schools I would get into.

I won’t deny that working with Susan in the beginning was challenging, but that was mostly because I wasn’t fully prepared for B-school. Susan highlighted my strengths and weaknesses early on in the process and pushed me to think hard on why getting an MBA was important to me. Through this soul-searching, I was able to nail down the career goals part of the application (which is incredibly important). Susan is an amazing editor and will not let you walk away with BS in your essays (she will call you out on it). For my first school, I think we worked on 15 essay drafts, and each draft was significantly better than the last one because of Susan’s editing and comments. One of my biggest fears of working with a consultant was that my essays might not sound like me by the end, but with Susan, that was never the case. She will give you numerous comments in the essays, but you are the one doing all the writing. Also, the process gets easier once you write your first few essays…by the end of my applications, I would nail my essays down in 3 to 4 drafts. Susan is extremely accommodating with her schedule for calls or any last minute requests you might have. She is so dedicated to her clients that even when she takes her August “holiday”, she will still edit essays and return your work according to mbaMission’s return policy. With the flexibility of mbaMission packages, I worked on everything - from resume to my answers for the online application - with Susan along with the essays. With Susan’s help, I felt comfortable and satisfied with every application that I submitted.

Next step in the MBA game was interviewing. Susan and I did mock interviews in which she gave me good tips, based on her knowledge of schools, on how to improve my answers and make them relevant to what the school was looking for in their candidates. These practice sessions prepared me very well for the actual interviews. Funny interview story - I got super nervous in my first interview and sent a panicked email to Susan after it. She is such a positive and caring person – she wrote a long reply saying that everything was going to be fine! And she was right…I got two acceptances (with scholarship) and one waitlist from my dream schools! Another advantage of the mbaMission package – I worked with Susan to prepare an update for the school where I was waitlisted.

My acceptances wouldn’t have happened without Susan. I absolutely loved working with her, and I highly recommend Susan and mbaMission to anyone considering B-school seriously.

Thank you, Susan. You have been a great mentor!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By sam1400 0 5
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I wanted to attend the NYU Stern Part-Time program for Fall 2017; unfortunately, I was facing a major hurdle a low undergraduate GPA. I reached out to MBAMission and after reading the GMATClub reviews I decided that I wanted Katherine (Katy) Lewis to help me with my MBA application. Katy had glowing reviews, helped individuals with low undergraduate GPAs before, and was located on the west coast, which I felt made working with her outside of my working hours much easier.

Katy was extremely helpful throughout the process, she was very responsive and never missed the turn-around windows. We started off with a brainstorming questionnaire, to help craft the themes of my essays and was very perceptive, she was able to identify things about my background that I had never thought of before which made for very effective essay topics that highlighted the uniqueness of my candidacy. She was also able to help me analyze my undergraduate transcripts to identify patterns that laid the groundwork on how to address my GPA issue. With her help I was able to craft amazing essays, a powerful resume, and an impactful set of application answers that resulted in my acceptance into the NYU part-time program.

I would highly recommend Katy, who was amazing to work with, easy to talk to, insightful, and is very familiar with the nature of part-time programs and its students, and especially of how they compare to full-time programs and students. I would not have been able to gain admission to NYU without her, and when I told her the great news, and she was as thrilled as I was! She was helpful even after I was accepted and her job was done, by sending me resources and information that would help me finance my MBA.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By adm29 1 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I have wanted to go to Harvard since I was 10 years old. Katy Lewis helped me make that dream come true.

I work at a private equity megafund in New York. A lot of people here didn’t use consultants because applying from a bigger PE firm is usually a fairly routine process. I decided to go with a consultant because my view was that if anything, it certainly couldn’t hurt. I was very happy I did; results speak for themselves - I got into HBS, my top rated school.

Hiring a consultant is expensive; I began interviewing consultants in November before the application year. After speaking multiple times to about 30 different people over a 3-4 month period, I decided that it was Katy I wanted to go with. She came with stellar recommendations and I had some very positive experiences with her before we were even under contract. I had some questions around GMAT score sufficiency and re-taking, around structuring my application process, as well as some random other items that came up every now and then – I would always shoot Katy a note and she’d always answer immediately or be available to discuss on the phone, without me having mentioned anything about wanting to go with her for sure. You could say that she was putting on her best face since she was trying to get hired by me, but I assure you Katy doesn’t need to worry about being hired. It is March now and I’m trying to have my friends who are applying round I this year work with Katy, but Katy already is hopelessly booked out for Round I! Booked out in March – way before a lot of people are even starting to think about the process. So, I truly believe that when Katy spent all that time helping me with no contract, it wasn’t some marketing plot, it was just generally her being the phenomenal and kind and caring person she is. If you’re going to share the most intimate details of your life with someone, knowing that they have a good heart (which usually tends to be accompanied with people being respectful and discreet!) is important.

I tend to be ruthless and while I appreciated Katy being a mentor and a coach who calmed me down at every point in the process, I would often shut down any supporting sentiments from her end (even though I’m sure they were well intended) to get straight down to business. My view was that her job was to tell me where I was lacking, and I wanted to work in a quick and efficient manner. Katy took very well to that desired style of mine; while I could tell that she tends to be very much of a cheerleader and someone who would act as a powerful encourager to people lacking confidence etc., she worked with me in a very financy-private equity style, completely cutting all the bullshit and just helping me produce great work in the most efficient manner possible. (at the same time, if I would have weak moments, like right after my interview, she would always be there for me with open arms and an open heart, I felt she believed in me at every point in the process even at points when I had given up belief in myself, and I felt I could always come to her – while I didn’t need this much it was nice to know it was there, unconditionally, always)

There’s a few very concrete items I want to call out were Katy decisively impacted my process:

• Initial brainstorm and continued work through the essay: a lot of people have mentioned this, but Katy has an unbelievable ability to draw a red thread through someone’s life and come up with that story to tell. I had my bits and pieces, but she provided the glue that fit it all together. She was the one who created one holistic, beautiful mosaic out of the different pieces of my life. I ended up absolutely loving my essay and simply writing it was a transformational journey. Katy has a beautiful ability to work with all the information you give to her and then arrange it in a logical manner, draw themes, etc. this had as a result that everything on paper is all mine, it’s all from deep within me, it’s my own work – but it is arranged in a logical manner, a coherent story, a story that people can follow – rather than the mess in my head. Please note by that I actually do a lot of writing in my spare time, have studied a lot of literature and consider myself very adept at language – what Katy brings is a whole different level. It’s not so much about being a good writer I think as it is her ability to understand what admissions wants to see, what you bring and what’s important to you to express, and how it can all be aligned

• Recommenders: Katy encouraged me to contact one recommender she felt strongly would be great to have. I would never have approached that person because I thought that there was a 50-50 shot that he would either write something great or meh, and I thought it was much too risky. Katy helped me put together a reach-out email that in a very diplomatically correct and polite yet effective manner asked for the recommendation and would also help crystallize right away whether the recommender would write the sort of stuff we would want him to write. Turns out the recommender was one of my biggest fans and my fears were completely ungrounded. He wrote an absolutely stellar rec. Had Katy not insisted I ask him, I would have never gotten that rec from him, and stuck to a much safer but probably less standout choice. Katy also helped me navigate another politically a bit tricky situation of getting a third person to volunteer to contact the university on my behalf and act as an informal recommender, without me actually ever asking that person to do so. Katy literally gave me instructions on how to just call that mentor person, have the catch-up conversation, mention HBS, and “wait for the recommender to offer.” Would never have thought this would work, but it did. I could barely believe it. I am convinced that it’s not just dumb luck this worked the way it did, but rather Katy helped me set it up the right way

• Reflection: HBS makes you write another essay within 24 hours of interview. Cruel. Looking back the thing that I had written initially was horrible. Katy helped me “see the light.” I need to be careful what I write, because if HBS somehow traces this back to me I don’t want them to withdraw my offer ;) but let it just be said Katy shaped this one decisively. Note she doesn’t obviously actually write anything for you (and there was a moment when I was really upset when at 1 in the morning after I had just landed back from Boston and the thing was due at 11am, she told me what I had written was bad, needed to be redone, and oh by the way she wasn’t going to line edit or give me specific detail since that was “against the rules” .. but she then in an incredibly practical and helpful way conveyed to me the sort of spirit this thing needs to be written in, and then offered to set her alarm for 4.30am (I could request any time I wanted) to do another turn). I literally went from feeling terrible about my interview, to in a confident and upbeat manner addressing everything in my reflection, to then as a result feeling pretty confident about my admission. ALL thanks to Katy.

In summary, I really cannot commend her enough, and I feel so fortunate to have gotten the chance to work with her. My only advice is book her early!!

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reviewer identity verified by post count
     By d5321 42 9
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

Being a second year applicant, I had already laid down my strategy and noted down my weak parts on the application. So, knowing that I needed work on my interview skills, I went on searching for an admission consultant. The search ended very quickly as just after I spoke with Katharine on the free 30-minute, I knew that she is the one I needed. And indeed I was right as she helped me a great deal and I had an amazing learning experience.

To start, Katharine consulted me for about 1 hour for free in the free 30 minute consultation. She, didn't just provide me the best consultation ever over that hour, but she also helped me out connect with people that can help me strengthen the application. This worked quite well for me as I got to connect with people from my country who have gone to schools that I was aiming at going at. And all this was even before I hired her. :)

Two months later, right after I got my first interview invite, I purchased Mock Interview Service with Katharine. The day I purchased it, she sent me a lot of materials to read about the interview, studied my application in detail and provided with ideas on how to construct my interview. She was great at identifying what might be considered as weak on my application and at what I should emphasize in the interview. After that I went on to sit on that and then did a introductory mock up interview that lasted well over 1 hour. Besides consulting me over the phone, she also took notes with feedback on improvement and sent them to me. The notes and feedback was just amazing. I studied them and prepared a schokingly great second mock up interview. I was amazed at how well I answered the many questions we practiced together. I became very confident on the things I was saying and loved the way I answered them. This turned out just great as she did not just help me out rock in one interview, but in all the others I received an invite on.

Aside from the mock up interview, Katharine also connected me with an amazing current student of the school I had to interview on. The current student met with me and gave me very valuable insight and information that were useful in the interview. He was a previous client of her.

Katharine, while not obliged to do it, she helped me out with the pre interview essay, the thank you note and finally with results and decisions well after the interview.

I highly recommend Katharine for the services she offers especially the mock up interview service as she indeed helped me truly get very confident on the interviews and got out of her way to help me out in all the steps. The best experience ever.

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Kate Richardson - Worth It!
March 26 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By vcbrown20 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Kate Richardson

Working with Kate during the MBA application process was nothing short of a fantastic experience! I signed up for a complete start-to-finish package with her, and would highly recommend it. From brainstorming, to essay writing, to mock interviews, Kate was with me every step of the way, and she made the journey so much less stressful.

When I first spoke with Kate, I knew I had the grades, the test scores and the work experience for my top choice MBA program, but I had no idea how I was going to “tell my story”. The mbaMission Brainstorming guide and my 90-minute session with Kate really helped me reflect on experiences that shaped my education and career so far. Kate had this incredible way of helping me connect stories and experiences from my past to my future goals, and before I knew it, I had already outlines for all of my essays.

I usually dread essay writing, but with Kate, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Her suggestions were always so useful - she constantly probed me to dig deeper and explain “why” a program was right for me, or “why” an experience from my work was relevant. Additionally, I felt so much more prepared for my real interview once Kate completed a mock interview with me. She certainly helped calm my nerves and gave me constructive feedback that I could apply when the real interview rolled around.

I am so grateful to Kate for helping me turn my MBA dream into reality! She was an amazing support system and I would encourage future applicants reading this to choose to work with her too.

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Thank You, Krista!
March 23 | 2017
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By rgoyal 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Krista Nannery

For starters, a bit about myself - I was a re-applicant this year. Last year, I worked on my MBA applications for two weeks (yes, I was clearly not very serious) and only applied to two schools - Yale and Ross - eventually getting interviews from both but not getting through at either school. This year, I was more prepared and I worked on Round 1 applications with Krista Nannery for two schools (CBS, Wharton) and was admitted to CBS. I wanted to share some thoughts on my experience with Krista.
In short, Krista was absolutely amazing but I would be remiss if I didn't tell you what really made her stand out for me:
1. Krista was extremely structured and clearly knew what she was doing:
• Resume structure: Being an Indian male consultant at a Big 4, I felt my resume was strong but also very generic. That was before it received Krista's Midas touch. Krista had a very structured format that separated my client work from my internal projects and helped each of them shine in their own light. It was brilliant to see how easily she understood exactly what I was trying to communicate through my bullets, and enhanced them to significantly heighten their impact. I've genuinely never felt better about my resume than I did after working with Krista through it. We did three drafts of it in 5 days and it was the first "deliverable" we knocked out.
• Essay Structure: After reading my introductory document, Krista knew exactly which stories we should convey in the essays and came prepared to our brainstorming call. She not only had a clear view of the overall essay flow but she had even planned out the first and last sentence of each paragraph! She was always very clear in her instructions and laid out exactly what she needed from me well in advance so we never had to rush to meet our timelines. Krista really helped me bring out my personality and character in my essays, especially in two essays I found very challenging and could've easily gone south (CBS #2, 3). Her best practices for brainstorming and moving on to the actual essay writing made it clear to me that she knew what she was doing and made me not only feel, but also realize that I'm in very good hands.
2. Krista always maintained a very prompt turnaround time:
• Even though her mandatory turnaround time for anything I sent was two business days, more often than not, Krista returned the essays to me in less than 24 hours. It almost became a game at one point for me to see who could turn the essays around faster (while maintaining high quality of course). It was great to see how efficiently she was able to pinpoint areas I needed to work on and provide constructive and actionable feedback so that I could implement those changes. Having Krista based in London was a huge blessing for me (living on the East Coast in the US) as anything I sent to her at night was reviewed by her and ready for my edits again in the morning.
• I also want to add that Krista made herself available for a phone chat on each and every occasion that I requested. There were times when I wanted to speak about some resume/essay edits over the phone rather than over e-mail and Krista made sure we were able to grab 30 minutes to an hour each time. Even though she was swamped with other clients, she never made me feel like I was not her only client.
3. Most Importantly - Krista was genuinely interested in my success:
• Scholarship Essay: Being an international student with a management consulting background, I never thought I would be given need-based financial aid. Hence, I never kept up with the timelines. However, just a week before the deadline, I received an email from the school and I finally opened the application 3 days before the deadline to see what was required. Despite my extreme tardiness and irresponsible behavior, Krista showed up for me when I desperately needed her. She was about to leave for her vacation and was running to catch her flight when I finally managed to get a first draft of my essay to her. Even though she didn't have a chance to prop open her laptop and type up a long email to me, she read my essay on her phone, took down hand written notes, and sent me a photo of what she had written down. As always, her feedback was constructive and actionable - I knew exactly what to change and how to change it too. Once she landed at her vacation spot, she scoped out a wi-fi spot and immediately responded to my second draft, while being on vacation! Her turnaround was so quick that despite all my tardiness, I was able to submit my application more than 24 hours before the deadline. This "above and beyond" attitude of Krista's just reinforced how genuinely interested in my success she was. To top it off, I recently found out I received a $24,000 annual scholarship from CBS! I cannot describe how grateful I am to her for all her help.
• Interview Tips: Krista was so invested in my success that as I was preparing for my interview, she made every effort to help me cross the finish line with flying colors - even going to the extent of jumping on the phone with me a second time to do another mock interview. Our first mock interview went well but I was still nervous and knew I could answer a few questions better. Krista gave me some crisp and concise feedback on how to tackle those questions and when I expressed that I wanted to jump on the phone a second time with her, she did not hesitate even once before scheduling the call. Her fine tuning here was absolutely phenomenal. After our second chat, Krista helped me feel so confident that despite a crazy interview (probably the most difficult interview of my life), I got into CBS within 5 business days of my interview being completed.
Overall, I'm so thankful that I was paired with Krista for this process. Working with her was an absolute pleasure - she was always very professional and had great tips to share. Everyone I speak to in the future about the application process will hear about mbaMission and Krista from me in the best possible light. Thank you for all your help, Krista!

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Harshad - Life Saver!
March 17 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By socalmbahopeful 61 8
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Harshad Mali

Things you shouldn't do during the MBA application process:
- Wait until 3 weeks before the deadline to start your essay
- Not have schools picked out that fit your profile

I took longer than expected to get my GMAT score to where I wanted it to be. Round 1 passed and Round 2 was quickly approaching and I freaked out. It's been ages since I've applied to schools and I wanted someone to help me through this process. With only 3 weeks until Round 2 deadlines, many other admissions consultants said that it was impossible or would refuse to help me, which was totally understandable given the short notice. I was luckily paired with Harshad and he was certainly the life raft that I needed to complete my application. We started with a brainstorming document where I listed my background and all my experiences. After reading the document and meeting with Harshad, He had a very good idea about who I was and how to present myself to each school. Since we were on a very tight deadline, he gave me a strict timeline and assured me that if I stuck with the timeline, we would be on target. He worked tirelessly to provide feedback and edits; some of his turnaround times were less than 1 day! I submitted all 3 of my applications on time and I received interviews from all 3 schools. I've already been accepted with a 75% scholarship from one school and I am still waiting to hear back from the others. I can honestly say I could not have done this without Harshad keeping me on track and helping me tell my story in a succinct, coherent fashion.

School update: Accepted to all three schools - including a 50% scholarship at a top 25 school!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Lynn Moloney

When I decided to apply to an MBA program, I spoke to several of my friends who were accepted into top-tier schools, they all suggested getting a consultant. Although consultants are not cheap, I found my experience with mbaMission, in particular with Lynn Moloney, worth every penny.
I considered buying different services a la carte, but I am glad I opted to buy the school package. Although more expensive, the school package really helps you build your entire application. The consultant knows what you have already described in your resume and your short essays. This might not seem significant, but the space in your application is limited and you want to make sure you are able to showcase everything important, including minor details that the application committee might find interesting.
After a 30 minute free consultation with a different consultant, it was suggested I pair with Lynn Moloney. I was happy that the consultant didn’t just suggest herself, but listened to what I wanted and based her recommendation on that. I would suggest starting this process sooner rather than later. Each consultant can only have so many clients, if you are joining late in the process, the consultant that might be the best fit for you might already be fully booked.
After doing my initial brain storming exercise, something that you should give yourself several weeks if not more to do and think through, Lynn discussed each story with me, helping me see different angles and picking up on different strengths/skills that I did not see myself.
My number one choice, and the hardest application, was HBS. The single open ended essay question can seem overwhelming; you have one chance to show the application committee what you are all about and what you will add to the HBS community. After the brainstorming exercise, Lynn had suggested a topic for the essay. I was very surprised as the topic was very similar to what I was thinking myself. Lynn does not write the essays for you, she provides input on which stories make sense to include and helps edit the essay, tying each story together and making sure every word has an impact.
I found Lynn to be extremely helpful in the writing process. I went through 9/10 drafts of my HBS essay. Lynn was always timely in her response and with each draft I could tell she was very thorough and took the time to make each draft substantially better than the last.
The interview prep was also very helpful. I did two mock interviews with Lynn. She helped me frame each answer in a clear way and discussed some of the techniques interviewers might use. For interviews, it’s important to practice. I practiced 3-4 times with friends, but Lynn’s feedback helped me see how to approach each answer, where my friend provided the opportunity to practice what Lynn and I had discussed.
I was accepted into HBS and believe Lynn was an instrumental part in this. Overall, not only was she professional, but I felt that the service she provided was very personalized. Lynn provided me with the tools that helped me showcase the traits that were unique to me, helping me stand out from other candidates.

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Great experience with Katy
March 14 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By fpm32 8 8
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

Came from a pretty blue-chip background, but was concerned about differentiating myself within the very competitive cohort of management consultants. I chose Katy after completing free 30-minute calls with several different consultants across several different firms. I chose Katy because of three main reasons: one, she had substantial experience at HBS and Stanford (alum of one, reviewed applications in the other), which were the only two schools I was planning to apply to; two, she seemed to have a thorough grasp of what business schools were looking for at a level deeper than what I was getting on forums, books, school profiles, etc.; and three, she had a much more friendly, down-to-earth attitude and approach than other consultants I spoke to, which really resonated with me.

Katy's number one strength is her RIDICULOUSLY uncanny ability to draw a trendline in your life -- to figure out "what matters most to you and why" by listening to the choices you've made in your career and personal life and the experiences that have shaped you. This is the foundation of any great business school application, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. As someone with a fairly strong writing background, I probably could have managed most of the essay writing and editing myself, but her services were worth the cost for this thematic identification alone. It was something I was struggling with, and it wasn't until she said "this is what I think matters most to you" (after two hours on the phone talking through my life) that it all "clicked." I think it's what ultimately differentiated me, and I'll be headed to Stanford in the fall. Would enthusiastically recommend Katy to friends and family.

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